When Did Vince Gironda Start Bodybuilding?

Vince started weight training at the age of 23 after seeing a picture on a magazine cover of the great John Grimek.

Although quite athletic, Gironda always desired to improve himself mentally and physically and began training in earnest. When he started training, he weighed 148 lbs., and he his arms measured 12 inches, chest 39 and thighs 20 inches.

He trained at the Burbank YCMA for about 8 months then he met the Easton Brothers, Harvey and Dale. He joined their gym where he was put on an intensive weight training program and made excellet gains.

He subsequently worked a year in the Easton Gym as an instructor and studied all of the methods of training possible, eventually developing the present methods he uses so successfully in his gym at present. (Dale Easton is also known as Greg McClure in the acting world, and you may have seen him as the star of the movie, “The Great John L.”. Harvey still operates a fine health studio in Los Angeles.

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