What To Do When You Can’t Chin

I am a woman bodybuilder who has been training for just under two months. I became inspired when my brother, who is a bodybuilder, took me to the Ms. Olympia bodybuilding show in Montreal. I really enjoyed myself. Everything about the show was first class.

My only training problem is that I cannot do the chin exercise. My arms are just not strong enough. Do you have any suggestions to help me become a competent chinner?

I need to widen and thicken my back.

I have the answer to your chinning problem right in my gym here in North Hollywood. It’s a special attachment that will help anyone in their chinning exercises. In fact MuscleMag’s Bob Kennedy was down at “Vince’s Gym” the other week and using this helper he managed ten one-arm chins non stop.

Until you come down to my gym (11262 Ventura Blvd., N. Hollywood) to use my apparatus I suggest you try doing partial chins from a high stool or chair. Gradually you will be able to do a complete chin on your own.

Another method would be to have a workout partner hold your knee and assist you as you pulled upwards.

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  1. Why not use a resistance band, loop it around the bar and place your feet in it. It will take some weight off. For a better example goto youtube and look for assisted chinups with resistance band. You will build enough strength to eventually do them unassisted.

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