What Is Overtonis Supposed To Mean?

Vince Gironda Overtonis

I have noticed your reference to overtonis when talking about muscles and general development.

I cannot find this word, even in my medical dictionary.

What is it supposed to mean?

I have used the word overtonis for three decades. It may not exist in your medical references, but it exists sure enough in my Gironda courses and publications.

Overtonis is my explanation of the condition caused by too many sets, too many exercise combinations, in short, overwork which causes muscle tissue loss, hormone depletion, weakness and a smoothed-out appearance inability to produce a pumping effect and general lassitude or weakness.

Overtonis can also produce a stringy appearance, lacking muscle fullness.

Overtonis causes the central nervous system to cease pumping blood into capillaries which might otherwise rupture. It is a safety valve causes by male hormone loss.

Going past the pump (too many sets when the body is not used to it) is the most common cause of overtonis.

Forget your medical dictionary. The condition exists whatever you want to call it.


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