What Exercises Did Vince Gironda Recommended For The Hamstrings?

As with any exercise, Vince stressed isolation of the muscle. First rule: any time you work your hamstrings, remember that the heel should be pulled back toward the calf and the toes must be pointed upwards to better isolate the hamstrings – not downwards as this presents a 30% leverage movement.

Exercise #1: Do the standard lying hamstring curl using full contraction and full extension, but hold the contraction for 6 seconds at the top.

Exercise #2: Again use the lying hamstring machine, but place your hands palms down on each side of the bench, and as you curl the weight from the straight position to the glutes do a full-body pushup. Your body is then arched with full contraction at the top. This is great for the upper part of the hamstring.

Exercise #3: This is called “21s,” and again it’s done on the lying hamstring machine. Do 7 half reps from the bottom to halfway up, then down again. Then do 7 half reps from the halfway-up point to the top, fully contracted position. Finally, do 7 full reps – from the bottom all the way to the top, contracted position. WOW, this will kill you!

In any of the above movements, you can apply Vince’s “No Synaps Rule,” which means never fully extend and never fully contract. Remember, Vince always stressed “muscle confusion.”

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