What Are The Best Exercises For Each Body Part?

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What in Larry Scott’s opinion are the best exercises for each body part?


Standing dumbbell press, standing side lateral raise, bent over lateral raise. These are by far the best. Nothing even come close if they are done with the correct from. However, of all exercises the shoulders are the most difficult to get down pat. You’ll need to see a video and watch it over and over before you get it. But once you do man … you’ll play some sweet music on deltoid day.


Smith machine press to neck alternated with feet up, 15 degree dumbbell flyes. Or Reverse Grip, elbows forward dips alternated with the same kind of dumbbell flyes. These are the best I have ever found. But again the form is critical.


Chins, seated scapula mid range pulldowns and Hanging scapula rotations. Each must be done while at the same time performing a total scapular isolation. Otherwise back work is mainly biceps. Again the form makes all the difference in the world.


Without a doubt the Ring Of Fire is far and away the champion.


Lower Bicep; Scott Bench alternate all three 1st dumbbell curls, next straight bar strict curls last EZ Bar reverse grip curls. This is a killer and magnificent for building simple humungous biceps.

Peak Biceps; Vertical side of (Scott Bench) or (Spider Bench) curls all kinds.


Long head: Max Size … No question: Kneeling triceps extension with twin pedestal. It’s the king.

External Head: any kind of behind back extension. Like one arm dumbbell extension. Standing triceps pressdown is good also.

Lower tricep: (next to the elbow) the supine dumbbell triceps extension. This is simply wonderful but it has to be done with the correct from.


Flexors, palms up barbell wrist curl. You must have a small properly designed forearm bench. In order to get your hips lower than your forearms, etc.


Standing one leg calf raises or donkeys with a (special calf block).


Quads; Smith Squats and Hack squats.

Hamstrings; Sit up bench with V pad bent over quad roaster exercise. What can I say you’ve got to see how it’s done.

These exercises are the best for me anyway. But If I didn’t know how to do them I wonder how good they would be, but once you learn … I love to see the light go on in the eyes of a serious trainer that thinks he knows everything until he learns these movements.

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