Weak Attention Span

My attention span is weak. For years I trained daily and never needed to be motivated. It was there all the time. But now as I approach 40 years of age I just cannot keep up with the workouts.

I’m OK for a few weeks then I make excuses, watch T.V., or go out on the town. It makes me mad, but there it is. Can you motivate me Vince? Or have I lost bodybuilding forever?

I can’t motivate you. At least not sufficiently to keep you working out. Your problem is very common.

Keep trying. Firstly, cut down workout frequency to two workouts a week. Train the whole body each workout, one exercise per body part. 2 sets of 10 reps. Set a time that you train and keep to it.

Your workout should only take 30 minutes. You will feel much happier with yourself after each workout. Surely one hour a week is not too much to ask?

Gradually as you get in the habit of regular training, you can split your routine in two and train four days a week, but don’t force the issue.

Wait until your natural drive returns.

Most important to anyone lacking motivation is setting goals. Short term goals. Aim to put on an inch on your arms by summer. Define the abdominals etc.

Set specific attainable short range goals. Remember physical shape and condition is never stagnant. You are either progressing or regressing. Regular training will make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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