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Vince Gironda Talks!

Enough is enough. For years I have been reading MuscieMag International and it is very noticeable that you aren’t the most mellow as far as human beings go.

It never falls to amaze me how you continue year after year to literrally insult many of the fans who write in to you for advice on training and nutrition.

I’ve even seen pictures of you in the magazines where you are giving someone “the finger.”

I’m probably one of the most honest people around today and I feel everyone deserves a fair shake in life and so I dismissed all the insults and gestures that I just mentioned as overhype from the magazines when you were just having a bad day.

I can’t any more though because a couple more incidents involving you have come to light.

First of all, I heard from a very good friend of mine that, when you were at The Event in San Diego, California back in late October of ’91, you shoved and verbally assaulted one of the bodybuilding writers who was being introduced to you – and in public in the main lobby of an exclusive hotel. That is not at all diplomatic and is, in fact, rude, crude and socially unacceptable, Vince.

The capper to your personality as a whole came when I happened to watch your segment on the first MuscleMag Video Magazine. You barked at Robert Kennedy when he made a mistake regarding you or your gym and some of the members.

Have a heart, Vince. Mr. Kennedy was live in front of a TV camera. Then, to top it off, you almost had that foxy babe in, tears while you were teaching her the body-drag curl. You’re a drag, Vince, and your tone of voice was disgusting.

I hope this letter is published because it is time after 47 years that people know what the real Vince is like. I am withholding my name and am having this letter mailed four states away from where I actually live.

I shouldn’t even reply to your worthless letter, but I’m in a good mood (just received a royalty check in the six digits for my book The Wild Physique) at this particular moment so I will.

Let me tell you about that incident in San Diego. That guy is the biggest cheapskate in the iron game asfar as I am concerned. He tried to get me to give him a free copy of my Master and Pro Series courses. I don’t care if he was going to review them. They aren’t for sale to him at any price. He doesn’t have the money! Kennedy’s still my best friend and one of the only people in the world that I totally trust.

Who cares if that woman (“foxy babe”, as you call her) was in tears? She is going to put some muscle on those buggy-whip arms of hers if she listens to me, the Iron Guru.

So when do you graduate from pharmacist school? Your handwriting is as sloppy as a pharmacist’s or doctor’s!

In closing, don’t let your mouth overload your hummingbird butt!

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