Vince Gironda’s Biological Transmutation of The D.N.A.

For those of you who don’t know, TRANSMUTATION is the changing of a thing into another more concentrated potent and different thing.

D.N A. is the master blueprint in every cell of the body. R.N.A. is the message unit or messenger that conveys the information to each body part or Junction.

The process of transmitting information from the D.N.A. to utilization of nutrients, and in turn muscle tissue repair, addition or growth, is a formula used by all champions.

Whether they know what they are doing or not. John Grimek had it for sure. He could change his body weight 30 pounds in 3 days. If you will check back into my former writings, you will find that I have said, a champion gets into shape by thinking himself back into shape.

Looking back over my career, I recollect now, that I got in much better shape when I trained alone than when I had a workout partner. Workout partners never seem to get what I am getting from the same workout. I think its because they are satisfied with the workout and I am not.

I am constantly trying to use better form, and rest less between sets, use more weight, and also try to tune in. You can’t do this when you workout with a partner, because you are constantly checking his form and finding fault with it.

This upsets your equilibrium and your concentration. You will have to agree that champions are champions not because of the system they use, but rather, because of the fact that they are champions.

This means, they are able to transmutate the information from the cell (D.N.A.) to the desired process of intensification.

I have just completed a nine month experiment in which I lost 7 inches off my waist and dropped 27 pounds on a diet of protein at breakfast (steak or eggs) and concentrated carbohydrates at night (all I could eat).

Now I challenge you to find this formula anywhere in a book on nutrition. Those who employ this transmutation, you will notice, are above all things stubborn, aggressive, and possess channel vision, and last but not least, faith.

Undoubtedly, they see only what they wish to be, and carry a constant picture of this image in their minds eye. In fact, I am sure they assume that they are already the possessor of this body they wish to manifest. Rules do not seem to deter them.

I know one champion who claims he eats rice and beans at every meal, because he was raised this way.

I know another champion who ate no supplements at all, just a so-called normal three squares a day. He was the top champion for 15 years running.

Another aspect of understanding enjoyed by champions is bio rhythm. Champions take advantage of their good days, and take extra long or extra workouts by going out for a protein snack, coming back, working another muscle group and repeating this
procedure most of the day.

Check your bio rhythms with a Farmers Almanac and find your most harmonious days. Try this workout procedure, I feel that the moon and tides are very instrumental in body and chemical balances, attitudes, etc.

Another thing I have noticed about champions, they never fool around with a weight, they treat them with great reverence. They seem to touch and handle a weight differently than the run of the mill body builders.

When they use a weight they use it to the best of their ability and then replace it in the rack from which it came. Something else, I have noticed about champions, they never leave their weights on the floor, they always put them away after using them.

To summarize this article, you are what you think you are, a champion or a failure.

  1. we can activate DNA and rejuvenate the body only when we do not become overly identified with the physical form. It is a great challenge for those like me and you, wanting the body to be muscular and so forth… training, diet plans, a pletora of belief system. But … did you ever try to feel how it physically feels like when you state: “I believe nothing” ?
    It is possible to be in a body for many hundreds of years…. after all if we track back human history , way back in time… people where leaving the planet in their 900’s . Anyway…. this requires bringing more of your creator consciousness inside the body and of course also talking to your DNA because cells are listening and the body is listening, but the ego prevents us to go there, because it controls the way we live, want to look and so forth.. So what amazing creator are we, choosing to be masters of limitations out of our own divinity. None of that is better or worst than just going direct and move past all that fun stuff… it is just what it is. The answer to all dilemma is the heart.

  2. Protein in the day time and concentrated carbohydrates at night, wonder what diet this is, looks like a very early version of Carb Backloading, which booklet has the details of this diet?

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