Vince Gironda: Use Raw Milk and Fertile Eggs To Grow Muscle

Vince Gironda knew that pasteurizing milk changes it radically, destroying many of its important nutrients so he told me to buy raw.

What he called fertile eggs are what we now call “cage free.”

In the ’80s, when eggs were getting the bad cholesterol rap, he defended them as a perfect source of protein and told me the natural lecithin in the yolk of an egg perfectly metabolizes the cholesterol.

Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru, always recommended fertilized eggs. He insisted that one extra cell makes all the difference.

  1. Fertile eggs are eggs from hens who have been bred by a rooster. A fertilized egg will actually develop into a live chick if incubated. Cage-free eggs are not fertilized. They are merely unfertilized eggs layed by hens who do not live in cages.

  2. What about local milk that I believe is flash pasteurized but non-homogenized? I currently have access to such milk as well as local eggs but do not know if they are of the fertilized variety.

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