Vince Gironda Strength Feats

Vince Gironda has performed some outstanding lifting stunts, which few men in the world can duplicate. Here is a list of some of his impressive performances;

1. Muscle-ups on rings with 100 lb. dumbell tied to waist!

2. Hack slide, 700 lbs. for repetitions!

3. Barbell Sissy Squats – 160 lbs., 30 reps!

4. Barbell tricep pullover – 200 lbs., 1 rep!

5. One arm rowing – 175 lbs., 20 reps!

6. Alternate dumbell curls – 100 lbs.!

7. One arm chins with either hand!

8. Hack squats – 10 sets of 20 reps with 450 lbs. in 10 minutes!

You can readily see that Vince not only has one of the world’s best developed physiques, but he is equally as strong.

(physical POWER 1962 – Gene Mozee)

  1. Vince took a photo of himself doing a one arm chin with what looked like a hundred pounds dumbell only problem was the dumbell was made out of wood,I’m going to call BS on everything especially #10 but the one arm chin I believe he could do.I trained with Casey Viator before he went to the Mr.Universe won by Dave John’s and on his best day he would not be able to do #10 and Casey was one of the strongest bodybuilders who ever lived ,Sergio came to Florida to train with Casey and damage near died .Vince would be mad if someone had put his name on those feats of strength if he were alive because only newbies would believe such nonsense

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