Vince Gironda – Real or Hype?

Vince Gironda was remarkable in a lot of ways. He liked getting drunk and members knew when he was.

For all his training knowledge he had some outrageous BS too. Benching heavy to the neck and something he termed “overtonis”. It was his way or the highway.

When asked if he had friends his reply was “I don’t really care” as long as I have a lot of students.

The sourpuss thing was his “shtick” and he cultivated it to the hilt.

Weider printed a lot of his training matter on the cheap and embellished his legend in his mags. Was he a guru ? Well 10-8-6-15, 8 sets of 8, sissy squat marathons were around and written about since Berry and Grimek.

Vince did live in his gym, did train the stars and was in superb shape even in his later years.

– Sticks


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