Vince Gironda One Arm Chin – The Truth?

I can’t give up on the Vince Gironda one arm chin with dumbbell topic, as Bob Kennedy said the dumbbell was simply handed to him on the way down, taken with a flash and then Vince got back to insulting his customers.

I got the story from Bob Kennedy who of course can no longer agree or deny it, but heck, it;s no big deal, as its easy to chin with both hands then lower with one, so holding a dumbbell as well would not be beyond the average bear.

Back to the departed Kennedy, we often had long informal chats, another not so known fact is that Vince had a liking for the hard stuff, no not HIT but a dram of whiskey.

Fact is sometimes he got pissed and that may be why he at times had a few tetchy moments. Nothing wrong with that, what a miserable world it would be if we were all the same without any human failings.

If it really was true, I can imagine David Willoughby translating that feat into Vince being able to do “ten times his weight in the single arm dumbbell raise whilst playing the mouth organ and drums at the same time”.

– David Gentle

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