Vince Gironda On Steroids

I have been warned by friends not to take steroids, but I want to win our local Mr. Novice State Contest, and I am sure I can do it with steroid therapy. Is there a steroid substitute?

I am writing you before taking the plunge in case you know any other way.

I have 15 ½” arms, 46” chest and I am 20 years old. I have been training 6 years hard.

Forget steroids! Some bodybuilders take them for six or eight weeks in an effort to clinch a Mr. Universe title – but your idea of taking to win a “Mr. Novice State” is nuts.

For fifty bucks you can buy yourself a trophy and live until you are eighty. If you get into the steroid thing you will be all washed up by 30 years of age. I have seen it too many times.

Train each body part three times a week. Take small meals of eggs every few hours (all protein is taken from the egg and is the best source) supplement with Milk and Egg Protein, amino acid tablets and liver tabs.

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