Vince Gironda on Manganese and Joint Pain

Vince Gironda recommended manganese for joint problems, and I see that it is one of the ingredients in the Joint-EZ formula. What do you think of glucosamine? How does it compare in effectiveness to manganese? Thanks again for your advice.

Vince recommended manganese and he would use it for the common condition often called “tennis elbow.” But remember, it can affect any joint.

Vince talked extensively about our mineral deficiencies in general. This includes calcium, magnesium, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), etc.

There are roughly 92 minerals, trace minerals, and rare-earth minerals. In the US, our soil is depleted by 85%. At latest count, we are missing 45 of the 92, which are gone from the result of high-production farming. That’s why I carry Celtic sea salt, which contains all these minerals.

Another thing to remember is that without any hydrochloric acid in the stomach, minerals cannot be absorbed. Most Americans are now “alkaline” because of our high-carbohydrate consumption and because we consume hydrogenated oils. So, you see, this in essence is one of our problems – we are not absorbing any of our minerals because our digestion is not efficient. Success at anything is always a combination of many things and not just one magic ingredient.

Now, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are essentially just poly- and mono-saccharides (simple natural sugars, which your cartilage is constructed of). I’ve seen the best results when both are combined. They both help with pain problems, but the GS and CS are not as effective as manganese for pain.

Nutrition note: manganese is to the pituitary as iodine is to the thyroid.

Roughly 50% of the people who use GS and GS receive no benefit. Why? Because GS and CS are rather large molecules and digestion is the factor. If you chew them and take them with bromelain and other digestive enzymes, then you are home. Not to be redundant, but Vince always emphasized digesting your food.

Nutritional note: chew all supplements unless they are time-released.

Again, you can’t compare manganese with GS and CS. You might want to use MSM because this mineral is totally depleted in our food.

Nutritional note: people who always need to warm-up and stretch are admitting to a mineral deficiency. They are also depleted in synovial fluid and joint elasticity.

If you have any skin tears, stretch marks, or scars, you again have a serious mineral deficiency. The Joint-EZ Kit works phenomenally to help this, but it did not sell well as most muscle-heads don’t care about sore joints – instead, they seem to wear them as a badge of courage. But, they will use lots of steroids. Old-time bodybuilders were interested in their health first and their physiques second.


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