Vince Gironda On Increasing Metabolic Rate

Metabolic rate is something that I liken to the wick burning in a lamp.

If the rope is burning low it is smoking because it is not getting the required oxygen to burn hot and to give off zero residue.

If the wick is turned up, getting enough oxygen, it is going to burn a good clean flame.

Now this is the way we have to get our metabolic rate working and we can speed up our metabolic rate by;

#1 – A faster workout tempo to where you are using cardiovascular stimulation and keeping your heart rate at about 140 for the full 45 minute workout.

This is the best metabolic rate stimulator and fat burner I know of.

#2 – Kelp is the next most necessary element for a metabolic regulation.

#3 – Lipotrophics then are third.

#4 – Hydrochloric Acid and additional land borne soil organic minerals.

#5 – Last, but very important, are the enzymes.

Without acquiring this hot, high burning, metabolic rate you can never hope to eat anything but a completely carbohydrate restricted diet.

But once you acquire this high metabolic rate you will be able to eat considerable carbohydrate and burn it rather than store it as fat.

Which is certainly a more comfortable way of eating than to stick to the total carbohydrate free diet at all time.

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