Vince Gironda Maximum Definition Diet

There has always been considerable mystery and misconception concerning a definition diet. Let’s hope this article will help to straighten out a few of these.

To begin with, all carbohydrates must be removed from a maximum definition diet. This means – all fruit, all vegetables, all salad greens and all milk products (cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, milk and buttermilk). The only milk products that can be used are butter and cream.

Any kind of meat, fish or fowl and eggs are the only foods permissible. You must, however, eat some carbohydrate every four or five days because you will find that you will smooth out and veins and cuts will disappear. You will find also that you are not getting the pump you should and your strength will decrease. This is because a zero carbohydrate diet drains all the stored glycogen from the liver, and only carbohydrate will replenish it. But don’t try to eat a small amount of carbohydrate each day.

You will only find you are smoothing out.

This high protein diet will tend to make you nervous because of the phosphorus in the meat. That is why I suggest you keep your calcium (tablets) intake high.

  1. There is nothing that I can say in praise of Mr Gironda that hasn’t been said about him and/or even better for that matter, however I feel obligated to put in my share of thoughts in paying my deepest debt of honour and gratitude to Vince for showing and opening my eyes to the realm of body building for a more pleasing aesthetic physique in terms of shape and symmetry, as well as size and proportion – right from the very beginning. Vince, you have my words…. … …

  2. If the outlook requires me to go on Vince’s max definition diet will only be before a particular event as required – sense?

    1. Well, put it this way… one should try to stay on that kind of carbo-restricted diet forever…..even if the eskimos did. Just don’t eat JUNK carbos when you eat them. Get them from green vegs.

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