Vince Gironda Half And Half Cream

We just used heavy whipping cream or half and half, thats what Vince told us to use. I’ve personally purchased both from CostCo, so yours should have it as well.

As far as damaging anything molecular, I just remember one of the guys at Vince’s saying that I was supposed to mix my shakes by hand using a fork to “keep the integrity of the eggs” or something like that. Try it for yourself, but it sucked for me – I use the blender.

  1. Vince also had multiple TIAs and died of a massive heart attack. Consume that stuff at your own risk.

    If you want “guns”, pick the right parents. Drag curls aren’t going to build them.

    1. Vince had a lot of drinking issues due to problems with his son. I’d say that’s a lot more likely to have contributed to any health problems than cream!

  2. I am totally confused.On one side vince is saying follow combination of food chart which is by NSP and also on this site in which it is stated that fats and protein cant be digested together and on other side vince is recommending consuming protein with cream which is fat.So what to do now??????
    Which suggestion to follow????????

  3. WRONG!
    CARBS + FAT = NOT ok

    Proteins and carbs digest in different mediums, on needs acid the other alkaline.

  4. Vince Gironda’s food combination was protein and fat. He did not like a lot of carbs. He felt the body needed fat and protein to work together and felt the egg was the perfect protein source and felt the serum cholesterol being high in eggs was BS. As the later research indicated. Vince was ahead of his time. His routines and the working of the muscles produced results. If you want guns, you have to perform drag curls period!

  5. I thought Vince recommended certified raw cream? You can’t get that at Costco, as far as I know… only certain health food stores.

    And yashraam, if you are still reading this, cream is the fattier portion skimmed from the top of the milk. An example is “heavy whipping cream” found in the dairy section of the grocery store.

  6. To the first poster, Vince died in his sleep..where do you get your information? Vince was 80 years old when he died of old age. Cream and food had nothing to do with it. Nice try.

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