Vince Gironda, Good Health and Your Colon

Did Vince Gironda have a five-day colon kit that would shrink the abs and did he have a list of 15 steps to good health?

Q.1: Hippocrates said a healthy colon is essential. I don’t know where you heard about it, but I’ve had the Ab Trim colon kit for a few years. I took Vince’s theories on colon cleaning and developed the product. It flat-out works great. It’s a five-day fast, but not a starvation fast.

The kit contains one time released vitamin, amino acids to support all your muscle tissue, and a herbal formula called “colo-zyme” to clean the colon. Plus, you drink juices all day as a source of energy. In the five days it shrinks your stomach down to the size of your two fists, which should be normal. You’ll lose between five and six pounds of bodyfat, and you’ll feel invigorated.

When you eat your first meal on the sixth day, you’ll get full very quickly. Now, Mother Nature is telling you to eat small meals throughout the day, so get off the junk carbs and heavy starches.

Q.2: These 15 steps to good health are the first step in my nutritional consultation. It is as follows:

Minimize physical and mental stress (don’t overtrain, and remember that mental stress is a muscle killer).

Digest all foods completely – there is an undeniable connection between poor digestion and disease.

Eliminate your wastes (good bowel movements).

Do not overeat (overeating traumatizes your body – it has been demonstrated that rats that have been underfed live twice as long as rats that have been overfed).

Eat five to six small meals through out the day

Do not consume excessive liquid with your meals (you dilute your digestive enzymes and HCL).

Drink clean water.

Shower and bath with a shower filter (chlorine and fluoride are poisonous to your body — they create an unhealthy thyroid).

Eliminate process and refined food.

Exercise regularly (but no more than three to four times a week for 30 minutes).

Get regular chiropractic care (Hippocrates said “look to the spine for illness”).

Maintain adequate humidity in your house or you’ll dry out.

Breathe clean air in your house (consider air filters).

Use a complete vitamin/mineral supplement.

Use a complete trace-mineral supplement such as Celtic Sea Salt (our soil is 85% depleted of minerals).

  1. I started this today…terrible…feel absolutely horrible. I actually had an excitement about drinking fruit juice after decades of not having any but I find them disgusting. Nauseating. I have headaches and I am hungry. This is the worst. IDK if I’ll make it through Day 2, let alone to Day 5.

    I feel rotten. There has to be a better way.

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