Vince Gironda Death

In anticipation of Vince’s 80th birthday, John Balik organised an event to honour him and his life’s work, at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey.

But sadly on October 18th 1997, Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru, passed away from suspected choking and heart failure.

After his death, the party was rescheduled and instead became a memorial tribute where a massive gathering of bodybuilders and those in the movie industry honoured the great man.

  1. Of the many lucky bodybuilders to workout at Vinny’s I was not invited to the memorial & I think that was dead wrong ,as I was a good friend of Vince & her a good friend of mine. Each & every day I had the time I would rush to work out at the most enjoyable hangout. Once you entered that small building you were “Fair Game” it was a heavy iron gym no treadmills or fancy equipment , just comradery & intensive training.
    If you were lucky Vinny would school you personally , but you must be devoted to training 100%.
    We had more laughs in the gym noted film & tv stars worked out there also. Names the resonate world wide.
    It was a different era, before the world went nuts.
    Soon my autobiography will be published & hopefully the chapter I devote to Vince’s gym will be entertaining.

    Jeff Ramsey

  2. Those of us that trained with G*D (as I called him), will never forget him. He will live within my heart forever. He gave me a leather weight belt with the name he coined for me…”The Rabbi”. That’s the reason I called him G*D, I always told him if I was a Rabbi, he surely must be G*D. I had seen Vince run dozens of people out of his gym. He was a harsh trainer…he was the best on the planet in regards to body building.

    Alan “The Rabbi” DuBoff

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