Vince Gironda and The Health Benefits of Raw Fertile Eggs

“Fertile eggs” are produced when hens and roosters mate. Fertile eggs have white spots on their yolks (“blastoderm”) and chicks are produced after successful incubation of the eggs. Eggs that are unfertilized (eggs produced by a hen that did not mate with a rooster) have no chances of producing chicks.

“Candling” is the technique used by farmers and egg hatchers to check on the development and growth of the embryo inside an egg. This technique requires the use of light to examine the embryo’s development. Although technology has already come up with industrial-hatching lights for candling, “candling” is still the word used to describe the technique of examining egg embryos because lighted candles were actually used to perform the process many years ago.

Going back to fertile eggs, aside from producing chicks that grow and become chickens, fertile eggs are also used by drug and pharmaceutical companies to manufacture many vaccines (including the flu vaccine). Fertile eggs are also used to preserve the semen of bulls for use in artificial insemination. Practitioners of natural and herbal medicine also use fertile eggs to treat burn patients.

For health enthusiasts, weight training athletes, and bodybuilders, before the arrival and advent of synthetic and chemical supplements, testosterone boosters, steroids, and growth hormones, fertile eggs were consumed raw (in dozens) to boost testosterone levels, muscularity, strength, and power. The late bodybuilding icon, Vince Gironda, the “Iron Guru,” preached about the consumption of fertile eggs to make it easier for the body to recover from stress, repair damaged muscle tissues, and promote growth (also known as being in “anabolic state”).

Many health enthusiasts and natural bodybuilders up to this day still subscribe to the consumption of fertile eggs that Vince Gironda preached years ago. Cancer patients who turn to natural healing and herbal medicine for treatment also consume fertile eggs and organic calf liver to promote healing and recovery.

Vince Gironda who passed away in 1997 was way ahead of his time. During the years when medical journals and medical science pointed to “fats” as the culprit for almost every imaginable disease and ailment, and before the advent of dietary lifestyles like keto, Atkins, and paleo, Vince already preached about the health benefits of controlled-carb eating.

He was also adamant in telling those who would listen that they should not be scared of fats if they control their carb intake- particularly the bad ones like sugar and refined carbs from processed foods.

I am amused that what he said and preached many years ago are now accepted and followed by medical practitioners, nutritionists, and dietitians.

  1. They do not have to be. It depends on where you live. Such are easily available in rural areas where rooster-fcked chickens
    are common. But, you will not find them in big-chain stores, because of the sht-headed laws that do not permit it.
    Raw milk, too.
    Liver tabs, raw milk, and fertile eggs are all you need …..JT

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