Vince Gironda And Squats

What’s all this I hear about Vince Gironda and squats?

Vince, do you really hate them so much?

Every bodybuilder who did anything has used squats, even Reeves. Are you totally against squats?

I want you to answer this question through your MuscleMag International column so that the bodybuilding world will know just what your opinion is.

Squats spread the hips! If your hips are so narrow that you need to s-p-r-e-a-d them out then squat. OK?

If you look at some champs, yes, even the most popular ones, you will see that they have in many cases ruined their physiques by heavy deep squats.

Even guys with narrow hip structures can do this.

I refuse to have squat racks in my gym. I have something better, a press machine. When my pupils use this they can place their feet forward of the bar so that the squat is performed with the torso leaning backwards instead of forwards. This will take the stress off the butt and hips and throw it right on the thighs.

I agree that back squats can be used in moderation by those who are in need of butt and hip muscle, but moderation is the key word.

At no time should you get into the habit of performing heavy back squats, coming up with the butt first, head between the knees, etc.

You could hurt your back this way – as well as spreading the hips.

  1. squats are also very taxing . can lead to back injuries you need a core of steel to reach huge poundages. and in some cases they do build a large butt..

  2. Squats are the most effective and time efficient way to build your legs. Taken no lower than parallel, and sometimes not even that low, with good form and NEVER like a power lifter, squats will develop the entire leg with beautiful proportion and functional strength.

    You gotta’ squat.

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