Using The Preacher Bench Correctly

Vince, what is the correct way to use the preacher bench?

It sounds like a stupid question as it seems that doing preacher curls takes no great intelligence but I was wondering if there is an optimal way of doing them for maximum results?

Your question is not stupid. And as far as I am concerned, I have rarely observed this particular piece of equipment being used correctly.

First, the preacher stand is invariably placed too high on the chest. This position only allows the low biceps and the brachialis to work. Work for the upper biceps is denied.

But if the preacher stand is placed so that the top is three inches lower than the low pectoral, you can finish the curl properly, which is to lean forward so the high biceps and the coracobrachialis comes into play.

Done in the usual way, preacher curl produces a flat looking biceps instead of a nice full, round look.

To work the outer head of the biceps, you should keep the elbows in and the hands out wide.

To work the inner biceps, place the hands close together (three inches) and the elbows wide (20 inches).

To work the belly of the biceps, place both the elbows and the hands about 12 inches apart.

Another hint to work more lower biceps and forearm, is to let the barbell roll down to the end of your fingers and then start your curl. As you close your hand start curling by bending your wrist and flexing your forearms.

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