Turning Negatives Into Positives For Deltoids

I was tossing down a swig of Stamina just before beginning my chest workout today when I overheard Kim and Allen a couple of trainers over to my right working their deltoids.

“What on earth are you doing?” I heard Allen ask Kim while Kim was grinding out a set of rotating dumbbell presses.

“It’s for the shoulders.”

“Where did you get that from? Why you doing it that way?”

“I got it from Larry”

Kim has been a Bio-Phase client for about 7 months so he’s learning all about some of the more unusual movements that give every last ounce of benefit from an exercise.

Kim doesn’t usually train with anyone but today I guess Kim and Allen decided to hook up and train together.

As I said they were doing the seated rotating dumbbell press which is a very strange movement but when you get it right man is it great. It’s the only deltoid exercise I have ever seen that can work all three deltoid heads with just one exercise.

I knew it was a little hard to get right so I watched as Allen did his reps. He was getting about 40% of it correct. I was short of time but I couldn’t resist helping especially when Kim told him where he got the exercise.

“Allen, let me see if I can help you get that right. Here’s what you’re trying to do. You have 3 time the power on the negative than you do on the positive so take advantage of it. First off, that weight is a little heavy. Get a lighter weight.”

He was doing the exercise seated with a back rest which is right on.

“Start off pressing the dumbbells over head with the little finger higher than the thumb. This will keep all the pressure on the outside deltoid head. This is the one you want to build. It’s the darling of the shoulders. Don’t press the dumbbells overhead all the way just press them about 3/5s of the way up. Then right at the top, press the elbows back as hard as you are pressing the dumbbells up. Try to flex the rear deltoids as hard as possible.

Now bring the dumbbells forward and as the dumbbells come down, stick them all the way out to the side as far as you can without letting the little finger side of the dumbbells drop lower than the thumb side. Go very slow. Now is the time to tap into all the power on the negative and use it to pack on meat on your shoulders. Now as you bring the dumbbells down to shoulder height slowly turn the palms over as you let the elbows go to the rear as if you were doing as side lateral raise. Now slowly lower the dumbbells down to the waist all the time keeping the little finger side of the dumbbell higher than the thumb. Even try to lean a little forward so you can see the rear deltoid head in the mirror as you lower the dumbbells. This will keep the stress on the side lateral deltoid.”

I could tell by the expression on Allen’s face, he had just bit off more than he could chew but he didn’t want to admit it. I could see him trying to muscle the weight back up the same way it came down for his next rep.

“No don’t try to lift the dumbbells up in a side lateral raise. You won’t have enough strength. Just throw them back up into position for another shoulder press. You will only have enough strength to do the negative portion of the side lateral raise.”

The whole point I’m trying to make is how wonderful this exercise is to build the side deltoid head because you have all that power in the negative.

How It works all Three Heads

First you work the frontal deltoid head in the press, then the rear deltoid head as you press the elbows back on top and that wonderful descending movement all the way down to the waist with only the side lateral deltoid to do the work. Then you couple it with the triple power of the negative and you have the makings of a great exercise for all three heads of the wonderfully beautiful deltoids.

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