Triceps That Hang Down Like Loves Of Bread

Lean closer and you’ll learn how to build triceps that will turn your buddies green with envy.

You’re going to learn how to rig up the best building tricep exercise you have ever seen.

When I travel around to different gyms I have to be content with tricep press downs on the lat machine or supine tricep press with an EZ curl bar or tricep kickbacks. They’re not bad but nothing like the Kneeling Tricep Extension. In order to build a sweep on your triceps that hang down like grapes you have to blast the long head of the tricep. It’s the one with the greatest potential for size. In fact … I Promise You Another Inch On Your Arms … If You Do Exactly What I’m Going To Tell You.

“Notice how this exercise builds triceps that hang down about as far as the bicep sticks up”

The reason most tricep exercises can’t tap into your maximum potential is … they don’t target the long head. It’s kind of tricky because it’s the only tricep head that’s connected to the shoulder. You have to get the arms way up over head in order to activate this beauty.

You might say. “Oh, I know that exercise. That’s why we do dumbbell over the head tricep extensions.”

“That’s right. It’s exactly the exercise for building the long head of the tricep. The only trouble with doing dumbbell over the head tricep extensions or EZ bar tricep extensions over the head is … they both wipe out your elbows in about 2 weeks. This is…

The Best Tricep Exercise … For Building Size Without … Injury

You can use this exercise for months without ruining your elbows. Not only that but it lets you do some other wonderful things as well.

First let me explain, how you do the exercise. Kneel on the ground facing away from the machine. Your elbows are resting on a twin pedestal bench and your feet are pressed against the foot rests on the tricep machine. (a flat bench will do. I’ll tell you how to improvise in a minute) The pulley on the machine should be 5 feet off the floor.

If you lay this out just the way I tell you, you are going to kill yourself trying to thank me. Believe me, I showed this to Lou Ferrigno and now we just whisper about it. Even Joe Weider had me put this very exercise in his home gym. Let’s get back to it again. Remember, I told you the key to building the long head is getting the arms over head.

“Get down Jed … even lower. Really stretch those triceps.”

Here’s a little tip … to make it even better …

When the arms go back … duck the body down so you get an even better stretch on the tricep. That’s why you have a twin pedestal bench, so you can get your head way down without rubbing your face in everyone else’s perspiration.

At just the right moment (while the weight is going down) you dip the upper body even lower than the bench and put some incredible stretch on the long head of the tricep. When you do this … It forces development way up into the shoulder region.

No one, I mean no one will have this kind of development in their triceps unless they have been doing the same thing. It puts a sweep into the tricep like nothing you have ever seen before. After you’ve done this a while, when you do a double biceps shot, the triceps hang down like a bunch of grapes.

In fact, if you keep at it, the triceps will hang down even further than the biceps peaks up. Hard to believe huh? You’re going to have so much fun.

Let’s go over the details again. The pulley should be about 5 feet off the floor. The twin pedestal bench should be about 15 inches off the floor. Oh I almost forgot. You need to have a V bar to make this combination work it’s magic. Also, the bar should be at least 2 inches in diameter. These are important details. Believe me I’ve tried all kinds of different combinations. These have proved to be the best. I don’t have the space to tell you what happens when you vary from these specifications, but the further you’re off, the more the exercise goes haywire.

How To Improvise If You Don’t Have All This Equipment

“Tricep Conversion Kit (the secret to huge biceps).”

Lots of times I have to make do when training away from my club for a period of time. Here’s something that works just about as well as the specialized equipment I mentioned above. First you’ll need what we call “A Tricep Conversion Kit”. It converts your Lat Machine into a wonderful tricep builder. It’s a cable about 13 feet long with a 3 foot chain with a couple of “S” hooks and a 2″ thick “V” tricep bar.

You’ll just have to do without the Twin Pedestal bench but … a low flat bench works pretty good.

Here’s what you do. Attach the 13 foot cable to the lat machine cable. Attach the chain at the end of the cable then to the V bar. (the chain is to give you the exact length so your bodyweight will hold you down on the bench without using abdominals to do the job).

Kneel down facing away from the Lat machine and place your elbows on the flat bench. That’s it. You got it. It’ll all make sense.

Now do the exercise just like I explained before. This is so good! I can never get enough of it. Once you get the hang of it, you’re on your way to another beautiful Pivot Point.

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  1. Thank you for this valuable tip. I would love to see this visually as I am a visual learner. Do you have any visual links where this specific exercise is demonstrated as you have outlined?

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