To Pump Or Not?

Do you think a bodybuilder should pump up backstage before competing? If so what are the best movements to do?

This is very important to me because I want to enter a contest soon; and I want to win.

I am against pumping up backstage. It makes you “lose touch” with your muscles.

The last few days before the contest, you should discontinue all supplements and your workouts must be cut back drastically and simplified. Pump, and pump only, at this time. That’s all you require. No nervous energy should be used, or catabolism (loss of tone) will occur.

You should reach your peak during the three-day period before a contest. Workouts should be discontinued those last three days.

Posing should be intensified and glycogen stores built up by using the three-day glycogen storing plan.

This produces a full and pumped appearance, which manifests itself by the ease of pumping when you pose.

Personally I have seen good looking bodies ruined by over zealous back stage pumping.

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