The Single Best Exercise For Thighs

Vince Gironda Sissy Squat

If you could only do one exercise for your thighs, what would it be?

I am on a limited program and cannot do three or four exercises per body part.

I recommend you do either the Hack Slide, 6 sets of 8 reps, twice a week or Sissy Squats 5×15 reps, again twice weekly.

The sissy squat works more of the total thigh than the hacks.

If you can, and remember, the sissy is done in three parts, the downward move thrusting the knees forward while leaning back, then the burlesque bump, thrusting the hips up and forward and then finally coming to the upward position, which is not to mean you come totally upright.

You should only come up three-quarters to keep the tension on the thighs.

Done properly, sissy squats will develop your thighs from your knees to high up on your thigh where the muscle inserts under your shorts instead of stopping at the hips like a regular squatter’s legs do.

  1. 😀 Regarding the first comment the iron guru would soon discuss with you that smith machine squats, similar to the regular squats spread the hips and enlarge the gluteus maximus muscles. The exercise does not fully target the quads and their are better alternatives.

  2. Regarding the first comment, do you not listen and learn from vinces, and the iron guru’s teachings about squating on smith/barbell?, Regarding the spreading of the hips and increaseing muscle in the gluteus maximus area.

  3. If you place your feet and hips directly under the bar keeping your back straight you’ll get something that resembles hack squats. 🙂

  4. Front squats with Smith Machine. Great if you are mindful of heel position & heel elevation– really does the trick!

  5. Need advice. My gym has no hack squat machine. Is there a modification to traditional leg press machines that can be done to keep it “all quad”?

  6. #8 donsods, if you are still reading this, just do a barbell hack squat instead. After all, the machine was made to mimic that movement.

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