The Sadness of Larry Scott Mr Olympia

I was at the Little America Hotel sitting at the table with Larry and others when he received news of his son Derek’s accident.This was a banquet following a day of working out with Larry and other Bio-Phase clients.

I had picked a table and sat down by myself, having travelled alone from Rhode Island to Utah for the event. I was delighted when Larry arrived and chose to sit at the table I was at. Of course, the table’s other seats were soon occupied!

Lot’s of people talked about lots of things, mostly body-building of course.

I remember Larry saying to me, “Every time you speak I think of Lou Ferrigno; you sound exactly like him!”

It must have been my RI accent, which had already gotten me some half smiles and sideways glances. I think Ferrigno comes from New Jersey, so that’s pretty close.

But all this didn’t last very long before Larry got up and excused himself from the event, and my face drained-out as I realized that something very bad had happened here.

I was, I think, 29 then, and now I’m just shy of 60, somehow, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyhow, Larry Scott was a sweetheart of a man.

Joseph Hebert Jr

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  1. Lou is from Brooklyn NY
    I trained at and managed Futureman gym where
    Louie occasionally trained and did seminars
    ( article was in the Perry Rader ironman )

    I trained with Louie good friend and training partner
    Don Modzelewski … massive bodybuilder

    Im from Queens NY … but grew up on Long Island
    i try to speak without an accent but have been told that I sound like Robert DeNiro ..

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