The Most Important Bodybuilding Lesson

Vince Gironda

What would you say is the most important bodybuilding lesson you have learned during your career as a bodybuilder?

I respect your advice more than anyone else’s so I am eagerly awaiting your esteemed reply.

Boy, do you know how to ask tricky questions!

I would say the most important thing is to make a realistic critical plan and then work positively to achieve it without wasting time.

For example; if you need to bring your calves up because they are under par, then you will have to concentrate on calf work, performing at least four hard calf training sessions (utilizing at least 10-15 sets per session) each week.

But what often happens is that calves are left to the end of a workout, tossed a few miserable half hearted sets – or in some cases they are not even trained at all.

It doesn’t make sense. Time goes by so quickly. Don’t waste it by training in anything other than a 100 per cent positive manner.

That’s the secret.

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