The Larry Scott Shoulder Press

Larry Scott Shoulder Press

The Larry Scott Shoulder Press was developed by Vince Gironda to bring up Larry Scott’s lagging shoulders for the Mr. America Contest. The rest is history.

This press is a little like the Arnold press except that the starting position is more conservative and much easier on the lower back.

Start with Dumbbells resting on top of your shoulders, elbows in front of body keeping pinky fingers facing up at all times. Press Dumbbells starting from in front of your neck at the bottom to behind the neck at the top.

Press straight up from shoulder width. Do not bring dumbbells together clanging at top. Don’t lock out elbows at top. This keeps Triceps from taking over the weight and relaxing the delts at the top.

Look up when dumbbells are at bottom and look down as dumbbells reach top to keep traps out of movement.

Larry uses the middle 3/5ths of the movement never totally extending the arms or lowering them again to the shoulder. This keeps constant tension on the delts. In most if not all exercises Larry advocates never letting tension off even if it means a reduction in the weight used.

The other fact when training with Larry is that you always, always, totally isolate the muscle being worked.

  1. I like to use solid dumbbells as they do not move and the ends are smaller allowing more range of motion. Years ago when I first tried these they were awkward and I did not like them as I could not get them in the groove

    I soon tried them again some years later and this time did them seated —as I suffer from badly neuropathy in my legs…In the 1970s I use to be an Olympic lifter and did a 160 kg C&J but moved over to body building later in life and love Vince’s philosophy and it is flexible and not set in stone)

    I had to do these seated with my back braced on an 80-degree incline bench AND with a mirror in front of me-being able seeing myself and how to start, rotate my torso and not lock out.- the mirror was so helpful

    I used a pair of solid 50s for 3 sets of 15 reps (starting with a 2 minute rest between sets and lowering it as I became stronger) until I had the movement down pat….then I used Vince’s 3 sets of 8 with heavier dumbbells and they worked wonders. I not only felt in in the anterior delts but very strongly in the lateral delts

    Look up on YouTube the video of Larry Scott from some years back performing them then showing a you bodybuilder to the properly perform the movement…that really helped me seeing the movement in action.

  2. I am pleased to say after years of seeking “the delt builder”, a month of Scott presses and I had noticeable size and width … so much so, a Mr. Universe/America champ I know asked me if I injected oil in my delts.

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