The Larry Scott “Blade” Zone

It’s the area in each exercise where intensity screams off the scale. It’s where we need to slow … way down … so the incredible power of squared numbers can explode our progress.

You’ll know the “Blade Zone” when you feel it. Everyone does! Let me give you an example so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Let’s suppose you are doing standing barbell curls. The very low part isn’t too hard and the very top part isn’t too hard but … that middle part … (the Blade Zone Part) is the most important of the exercise! Don’t whiz through it. In fact, as I said before. This is the part where all the goodies are hidden. So slow down and “Mine The Gold”.

The foregoing is the core of this method. Without a total refocus of energy … in to the muscle … rather than … out to the weight.


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