The Larry Scott Arm Secret

Larry Scott Preacher Bench

Tell me about Larry Scott. I know that he trained at your gym during the time he won his Olympia crown. The reason why I am interested in him is that he did not have a big frame, yet he still built enormous arms. Vince what was Scott’s arm secret?

Scott trained at my gym during his heyday. He still trains very hard, incidentally, even though he’s over fifty years of age. He may never win another Olympia title, but then again that is not a priority with him.

Larry’s secret was hard work. He really does go all out. He was definitely a heavy duty advocate before Mike Mentzer publicized the method. However, Scott did perform more overall sets then Mentzer advocated. Larry’s first few reps were quite often as difficult as most trainers last reps.

Frequently he would struggle with his first rep. For his biceps Larry would do five sets of barbell preacher curls, followed by five sets of dumbell preacher curls. About one minute rest allowed between sets, just time enough for Larry to take a sip at the water fountain.

Scott found that his triceps responded well to combining two movements, one isolation and one compound. He alternated the close grip bench press with EZ curl bar with longpull triceps extensions (face down) on the cradle bench. At the time my gym was the only gym in the country with a cradle bench.

    1. Rather, ask “What is the difference between the Scott bench and the preacher bench?”
      A Scott bench has a slightly rounded, slightly convex curve to it, You can sort of “rock” the bar, from the top of the rep to the bottom, and back up.
      A common preacher bench is flat-faced, and puts bad strain on the elbow joints, which are forced to pick up 100% of the load.
      Larry hated them, and would not use one unless he had to.

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