The Key To Progress – Exercise Also Increases Growth Hormone

That’s right. Exercise itself releases Growth Hormone. But I found, not all exercise is equal. If exercise is done in a certain manner it’s far more effective.

I learned there is a “best combination” which taps into this powerful source of progress. Before each workout I would spend a few minutes alone in the Sauna, and ask the Lord to open my eyes and help me “see”.

Before long, the thought came to me, “Intensity Holds The Answer”. But … I knew … “Intensity is a two edged sword.”

Intensity does increase Growth Hormone … mainly if you use heavy weights. But … heavy weights are murder on the joints, especially as you get older.

So the question was … “how to increase intensity without injuring the joints?”

“Time” seemed to be the key and … I could remember reading where Einstein said, “time is not a linear function”. He defined it in his famous … “E = MC2” formula.

I asked myself, “Could the formula for intensity be … I = MC 2? Could the … actual time … it takes to do … one complete repetition … hold the key”.

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