The Key To Muscular Progress

Exercise Also Increases Growth Hormone – That’s right. Exercise itself releases Growth Hormone.

But I found, not all exercise is equal. If exercise is done in a certain manner it’s far more effective. I learned there is a “best combination” which taps into this powerful source of progress. Before each workout I would spend a few minutes alone in the Sauna, and ask the Lord to open my eyes and help me “see”.

Before long, the thought came to me, “Intensity Holds The Answer”. But … I knew …

“Heavy weights can be murder on the joints when you get older.”

“Intensity is a two edged sword.”

Intensity does increase Growth Hormone … mainly if you use heavy weights.

But … heavy weights are murder on the joints, especially as you get older.

So the question was … “how to increase intensity without injuring the joints?”

“Time” seemed to be the key and … I could remember reading where Einstein said, “time is not a liner function”. He defined it in his famous … “E = MC2 ” formula.

I asked myself, “Could the formula for intensity be … I = MC 2? Could the … actual time … it takes to do … one complete repetition … hold the key”.

Speed And Intensity Are Inversely Proportional

Intensity Continues To Increase The Slower You Go …

It was exactly the answer I was looking for … I could increase the intensity by changing the speed of the repetition and … I didn’t need heavy weights to do it!

I couldn’t keep out of the gym! The more I tested, the more I learned. It was definitely true … The slower the rep speed, the greater the intensity … the weight wasn’t that important, it was the “speed” that counted, because the intensity went up geometrically as you slowed down.

Look at these examples so you can see what I’m talking about.

Geometric Increase Arithmetic Increase

2 squared = 4 2 + 2 = 4
4 squared = 16 4 + 4 = 8
8 squared = 64 8 + 8 = 16

Now let’s pick an exercise like … Bench Press to see what happens … when you slow down.

l Old Way

Weight Speed Intensity

300 lbs 2 seconds 1200

l New Way

Weight Speed Intensity

100 lbs 10 seconds 10,000

Isn’t that incredible? Even though, I dropped the weight to 1/3, the intensity … actually went up … 8 times, just because I slowed down.

Furthermore, if I slow down even more, the intensity goes up even further. In fact, if I use 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down. I can get …

More Intensity In 9 Minutes With … Light Weights

Than In 90 Minutes With … Heavy Weights

Just to make sure I was on the right track. I looked through all the current research until I finally found something in “Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy” by Rasch and Burke.

When discussing “Work Load” Dr. Burke stated the internal force exerted by a muscle falls off with an increase in velocity according to an exponential law.

He cited a study done back in 1938 by W. O Fenn under the Heading of … Muscular Contraction in Man. published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Dr. Fenn found exactly the same thing I had stumbled on … that the force generated by the muscle itself is inversely proportional to the square of the speed of the exercise. In other words … the slower you go the greater the intensity but …

Variety Must Be Included

Greatly slowing the rep speed was my “Intensity Answer” but … I knew from experience … even our favorite meal becomes a drag if we have to eat it over and over.

We make our best gains when we first start a new program. It doesn’t take long however for that initial burst of progress to taper down to less than 20% of what it was.

How to hold on to that “first start” growth?

The problem lies in how the body reacts to exercise. The pituitary gland releases Growth Hormone to enable the muscles to accommodate the new stress level. Once this adaption takes place, progress drops off. (This is where most people quit). Weltman did a study which shows slower progress due to adaption within the first 3 weeks of exercise.

In other words, if you’re training on the same program for more than three weeks … you’re losing it. It would be much better if you changed your program the 1st week and even better if you changed it every day.

Sounds a little radical doesn’t it?

It is and … that’s another reason why this 9 Minute Training System is such a smashing success. The constantly changing program is refreshing to the body because it can never quite get the hang of it and …. it’s great for the mind because you never get bored.

How Often Do We Need To Change The Program?

Maxwell Maltz wrote an excellent book called Psycho-Cybernetics … in which he found it takes 21 days to create a new habit or a new self image. Not surprisingly, the same is true with exercise. If we rotate the exercise program every three weeks by the time we get to the end, the body will have completely forgotten the beginning.

If this has made any sense so far … You’ve got to be impressed. Because this is simply … “first of it’s kind” news. So …

Where Should … You … Start?

If you only use the “slow down” and the variety part … you’ll make terrific progress. But … quite frankly it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more. Lots more.

Because, you see, once I started slowing down, I began to “learn” all kinds of things. Many times I would get 6 or 7 ideas in one workout.

I kept track of ’em all. In fact, I’m still keeping track. I began to wonder when I should stop and … write … because the ideas just kept coming but finally … I made myself sit down and organize everything so … you could learn too. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

What’s Going To Happen To Your Body When You Use This System?

First, you’ll be excited … how fast you’re out of the gym. To be done so quick is unbelievable.

Second, you’ll notice you’re harder all over and your bodyfat is down. You’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes off the mirror. You’ll feel the muscles in your shoulders, arms and back and … you’ll lose weight on … not just your waist … but all the skin on your torso will thin down. Hard and full of ripples. You’ll feel like you’re on an adventure … for the first time … actually experiencing the muscle growing. It’s like having the key to growth. You just turn the key and marvel.

You’re no longer just grinding out reps and hoping … You’ve got the process down pat. It pulses through the muscles. You set the weight down after one set and your body is full and bursting.

You can’t believe your eyes. In fact, you’ll catch yourself saying, “Just look at that. How is it possible to make progress like this.”

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