The High Fat Diet

It worked for me; I found a diet that SUSTAINED me. Sustained me with a minimum of food. I was in Positive Nitrogen balance and I needed an energy source that lasted longer than an hour and a half.

I needed a 6-hour energy source – which is fat. There are some experiments that I’m going to conduct on fats that are 100 years old. I guess you might say I’ll spring it on the unsuspecting physique world.

Maybe I should consume a quart of lard everyday and then let someone take cholesterol and triglyceride tests, ha, ha.

I’ve had old World practices for longevity prove themselves so many times over.

There are some fascinating nutritional practices that Emil Bonet made me aware of years ago. He saw these fantastically developed European handbalancers that looked like Olympic weightlifters, heavyweight division.

He marvelled at their development and he went backstage to talk to these performers who were very much peasant stock, middle Europeans trying to get out of the hole by performing.

He observed them drinking lard!

Oh, my, Pritikin would come in here and have you arrested by an army if he heard you say that.

I know that the first guy to teach me weightlifting in the 50’s was a Hungarian refugee. He ate lard sandwiches. I thought it was a carry-over from hard times, but both his parents were working and he was living a fairly good life in Southern California. Certainly not in a ghetto area.

I asked him about it; maybe old habits, but he swore by this practice. He was a superb athlete and went on to become one of the youngest tennis pros in the state.

Yes. I believe it. Sounds hard to believe, I know. I feel it’s the other stuff we put in our bodies plus a lack of exercise that confounds our use of fats.

Pritikin doesn’t have a 19″ arm either. He sits around and plays with computers. He didn’t come up with his formula. Reels and reels of computer tape did. And it’s still only theory.

In defence of cholesterol and fat, let me bring up something that is very carefully hidden by the drug companies involved: when the cholesterol controversy first came to light, there was a drug put out that emulsified cholesterol.

And they still have, well; they’ ve probably settled the claims by now. There were very heavy lawsuits. People that lost their hearing, eyesight, hair, skin turned to leather. Sexual proclivities, ah, a general loss of everything but life. Because they were taking these cholesterol-emulsifying drugs that were supposed to work. Well, the drug did work and those were the problems.

Many patients that were older even went into senility. Remember that the brain is around 80 percent, or so, cholesterol. Don’t quote me on that figure, but suffice it to say that the largest part of the brain’s makeup is cholesterol. You cannot regenerate male hormone without cholesterol. Kinda important to bodybuilders and weightlifters, eh?

Again, and I’ve said it so many times it’s boring, cholesterol isn’t the culprit in the first place!

I see that many medical examiners are now starting to agree with me. They should’ve been reading some of the reports in Iron Man over the decades!

Sometimes I wonder if Iron Man and a few others don’t have closer pulse to health than the AMA Journal and what not or so-called “sanctioned” material.

Let’s say it was Triglycerides. The problem lies in the “carrier”. Who are these people that are having trouble? Trouble with these (related) problems. People that are inactive in the first place! Especially those that have NEVER been “active”.

I’ve sold people in here vitamins that have never had a vitamin in their life! Hard to believe nowadays. Never had a vitamin? So you can imagine what you’ll find walking around out there, as far as general health is concerned. They don’t know what a good meal is.

Many of these people are naturally hypertensive because of their poor diet. They’re prone to everything: heart disease, arthritis. What is disease? It’s a breakdown of the entire organism.

There’s no one thing you can pinpoint. Let’s get these people back into general good health again –  Then we can treat the weak links. Before you prescribe anything – get them back into overall good health. At least as much as possible. Hopefully you get them before the dam breaks.

  1. Dr Maynard Murray had multiple nutrition experiments with fruits and vegetables including the dreaded grains grown with sea salt dehydrated from the sea and plowed into the fields or diluted as liquid fertilizer. All grew with little disease and taste was markedly better.
    An experiment that says it all:-
    Rabbits were fed a a high cholesterol diet for 6 months. All rabbits were dead within 10 months due to hardening of the arteries when fed on normal soil grown plants. Rabbits eating sea solid fertilized plants exhibited no hardening of the arteries and were perfectly healthy.
    The key is the organic minerals in the plants, and animals we eat.
    Food causes disease when minerals are deficient.
    Read Sea Energy Agriculture by Dr Maynard Murray.

  2. A reply to Comment#1 above… Ummm dude, rabbits are vegetarians. Their systems never evolved for cholesterol consumption. Feed that cholesterol to an omnivore or a carnivore, u’ll have a different ending.

  3. That experiment with the rabbits tend to show up in
    a lot of places… but as jayw said they’re vegetarians…

  4. Great stuff , I have followed a high fat/low carb eating plan for some time now ( with annual blood/cholesterol tests ) & I have never felt/been healthier !

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