The Genetic Superior Bodybuilder

They rest better – they have deep, profound sleep and they have such little stress that their minds can completely turn off after their workout and they can go right down in an ALPHA STATE AGAIN. They could almost sleep during a workout.

The first thing I noticed about them is that they digest their food better. They do all the things naturally that science says to do. That nature says to do.

They get through a workout and take a nap. (Refer to Dr. Carlin Venus and his comments on legendary Chuck Ahrens and some of the pre-steroid behemoths of strength and size).

Pay attention! The body triggers a growth mechanism during sleep. That’s why you’re supposed to take Arginine-Ornithine (amino acids). I not only take those before sleep, but phosphorus-free calcium. The amino, Tryptophan works in conjunction also. It’s another amino you have to take because it isn’t produced to any great degree in the body.

These are INCREDIBLE things to trigger growth. You know as far as some of the others think – if they even know this – you trigger the growth mechanism with INTENSE EFFORT, but there’s more. Much more to it than that!

I’m researching a lot more on sleep and these mechanisms for my book. As far as I’m concerned it hasn’t been researched enough – not from a bodybuilder’s standpoint.

Sleep is a powerful growth mechanism TRIGGER. Particularly after workouts. And there’s always protein-feeding; amino acids and protein at this time.

The proteins simply supply the material to grow on during this process. Look at Tryptophan again. It kicks in Serotonin in the brain. It enhances and triggers the sleep process. By the way, I don’t take isolated ARGININE & ORNITHINE. I TAKE A COMPLETE AMINO (complex). Then I take several other aminos, I take one amino that’s worth $70.00 for 240 grams!

It’s a hospital-orientated product. Hospital quality. I take it every time I eat. I take enormous quantities of digestive aids. This is also necessary because I was never a genetic superior and as I’ve said, they digest their food more efficiently.

Lack of stress is one of the main reasons they have a better flow of digestive juices. It all goes back to stress. If Bob Hoffman ever said anything, his comment, “The first asset to health is tranquillity”. Because he had all these genetic superiors around him, like Grimek, he could observe.

He must’ve done some real observing because that is a very heavy statement.

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