The Bodybuilding Protein Marketing Ploy

I see 50 or 45 grams of protein, and I think: “Oh my God! You can’t digest all that protein unless you take extra amounts of protylitic enzymes and hydrochloric acid.”

If you’re a man, 30 to 35 grams is all you can digest at a meal. For a woman, it’s 25.

Undigested protein is converted to sugar. It sounds good, but it’s just a game of one upmanship between companies.

Oh my God! You can’t digest all that protein!

One company says, “We have 25 grams of protein.” The next one says, “Well, we have 35.” And so on and so on.

It’s just a marketing ploy.

– Vince Gironda

  1. I’m new to this website and I am also finding a lot of Gironda’s information to be quite amusing, but this is just junk!

  2. i dont this statement of eating just 35g of protein per meal ,specially coming from Vince , hes contradictin himself big time by saying this…isnt he the on who preached unlimited amounts of meat and eggs in one sitting????

  3. I read somewhere that Vince only had two meals a day..2 x 35gms = 70 gms protein a day…not enough for the average working male

  4. the fact that vince contradicts him self a lot tells me he was a man of integrity. He wasnt affraid of changing his mind, this shows true character. There is not one system or method that works for everybody, and he was aware of that and that makes him one of the greatest in my perception!

  5. I trained under Vince for over 5 years. I also developed one piece of exercise equipment a standing leg curl machine. Yea Vince always contradicts himself. Simple Vince was always trying something new. Also Vince realized that what worked for one person often times did not work for someone else. Additionally his views were often at different times in his life, as you age, and your body differs you change the way you eat and train. Does this mean Vince was unproductive. Absolutely not he was always one step ahead of the most. Does it mean he always hit the mark, no he occasionally missed it. Occasionally. Remember he was under contract by many Hollywood production studios and individuals. He did what worked and talked about it as it was the final law often times. He produced results or did not eat. Vince was the Iron Guru.

  6. Another thought about Vince. I did not fully understand his abstract thought and firm commitment to certain ideas such as protein. One article suggested doing meat and eggs twice a day. Then other suggested for gaining weight eat 6 times a day. Bottom line i did them both for 3 weeks or more. On the 6 meals i gained lean size. But i had massive calories in the end and gained some fat. Then I did the eggs and steak twice a day and salad for lunch. This was a great way to actually gain weight as well. Bottom line we know when you only eat two meals some individuals metabolisms slow down. Vince was a proponent of trying different things for different individuals. He was solid on the things that produced results for each individual for their needs. He always suggested it was impossible to cookie cut every one to one program. Starkie

  7. It seems like Vince was somewhat misunderstood regarding his teachings. I’ve heard similar stories about him being more varied/versatile when it came to the individuals and how to eat and train than usually described.

  8. I have tried Vince’s food combining chart and it is amazing. I would get heartburn from time to time, but following Vince’s food combining chart, I had more energy, never had heartburn or indigestion, lost weight and gained muscle. He knew what he was talking about.

  9. You know, there is a point to this, look at the popular Keto diet (which is just a resurrection of what Vince was doing way back when) and too much protein is a no go, as it causes gluconeogenesis aka converts in to “sugar” and causes an insulin spike…but like some others were saying, that doesn’t apply to everybody. Slow metabolism? Watch that excess protein. Trying to grow? Load up on that protein!

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