Ted Cohn on Vince Gironda

I worked out at Vince’s in 1964. Larry Scott was hitting it hard. Clint Eastwood showed up and Larry Parks made an appearance. Vince was not happy seeing me do sit-ups. He told me to do crunches and I have been doing them ever since.

He is not easy to forget. Larry was more compatible with Vince’s dominating personality.

The more I think about those days (1964) Vince was perfect for Larry and visa versa. Venice was not Larry’s scene. I can’t imagine him at Gold’s. Quiet guy.

I started in Oakland and Jack LaLanne was my mentor so I knew or knew of the locals, Jack Dellinger, Reeves, Clancy Ross.

Remember vividly the time Reeves was walking downtown and traffic slowed to stare. He demanded attention.

I remember Vince with a big smile. He left his mark!

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