Solving Bodybuilding Problems

I hope you can solve a few problems of mine. I know I’m writing to the right man.

1. I have fair skin and can’t seem to get a tan. I’ve tried many tanning lotions, but nothing seems to work.

Is it possible for fair skinned people to tan? Will desiccated liver or other gland tablets really bring out skin pigment?

2. Every time I do lateral raises and wide grip upright rowing, I seem to work my trapezius more so than my shoulders. Now, whenever I do these exercises, I concentrate more on my traps than my shoulders. Making my problem even worse.

Am I somehow raising my shoulders when doing these exercises?

3. A friend of mine started jogging about a year ago, and his rib cage expanded radically. Are there other exercises of this kind that will increase the chest cavity?

How effective is this compared to the pullover and wide grip dips?

What effect does the pullover and wide grip dips have on growth compared of that of jogging, etc…increased size of bronchial tube, enlarging inner chest muscles and cartilage?

The answers are in numerical order.

1. Take 3 liver tablets every 3 hours.

2. You presume that you are doing lateral raises correctly! I do not.


Upright rowing is also explained in WORKOUT BULLETIN NO. 2.

3. Parallel dips are the best! See my booklet, DEFINITION, for the correct form.

Jogging will put you into negative nitrogen balance and destroy any chance of building muscle!

Pullovers will stretch out your abdominals and produce a protruding abdomen (stretched fascia).

I can’t understand why you want a bigger rib cage; it will only ruin your taper!!

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