Short Pulley Row

This exercise definitely broadens the upper back and shoulder area; it is a super upper-lat builder.

I am not an advocate of building lower lats that run right down to the waistline.

Overdeveloped lower lats ruin a bodybuilder’s taper and detract from the overall V-shape of the back.

Start this short, 16-inch (40-cm) pulley row by sitting on the floor, with legs (bent at knees) stretched out in front of you against foot rests (or 2-in. – 4-in. wood block).

Lean forward with your head down between shoulders.

Pull the pulley towards your torso until the bar is just under the pec line. Keep your elbows up.

As the pulley handle nears the chest, arch the back and lift the chest high.

Return the bar to the starting position and repeat.

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