Rowland Remembers Vince Gironda & Vince’s Gym

Whenever I see photos or a video of the equipment that was in Vince’s Gym it always brings up warm memories.

I worked out in that gym from ’76 to ’82 and used that equipment. Vince was there most every day during my workouts that ran from about 7:45 to 8:45, 9:00 each morning.

I can still hear the voices of members talking, laughing, Vince joking and walking around.

It was a wonderful time.

At that time NO phone cameras existed. And Vince was very particular about anyone bringing in a camera and taking pictures, other than the magazines and other press.

I’m a pro photographer and MANY times later I wished I had talked with Vince about my coming in and documenting his gym with many great shots.

But I was college kid, then and though I knew Vince and he liked me, trusted me, it was a different time, and people didn’t have the ease of cameras with them as they do today.

So there was a different ‘feel’.

For example, back then, you were forbidden to take a camera to a rock concert! Imagine that. You’d have to ‘sneak’ them in!

Which explains why you don’t have near as many good pictures, videos, etc. of that time, as now.

Vince’s Gym is now a beer and hamburger place. NO gym, only the building stands, completely revamped.

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  1. That’s Darryl Conant from Maine on the right in this picture. I forget the name of the man he’s talking to; Mark something, maybe….
    Darryl has obtained and restored much of the equipment from Vince’s Gym, and it’s a good thing too, because if he hadn’t it would be GONE!

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