Roman Chair Squats? Lower! Lower!

Vince Gironda Sticking Point

I was fortunate to workout a handful of times at Vince’s Gym before it closed, Vince was even there most of those times.

The first time we trained there me and my girlfriend were doing legs. She was doing the Roman Chair squat and Vince came out from the dressing room. He stood there hands on hips, staring and then started yelling at her and kicking the apparatus.

Lower! Lower! he yelled.

Another time he told me a story about Arnold and he commented that I was too f– polite when I talked to him.

I was honored he even talked to me for one second let alone the total 10 or 15 minutes over a few times to his gym it actually was.

A few years back I talked to Ron Kosloff and he stated that if Vince paid that much attention he saw that you were serious and he cared. Loved it.

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