Putting Some Magic In Your Smith Machine Squats

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Start at the bottom. Use a weight you can just barely get up with while keeping all the focus on the muscle rather than the weight.

Don’t go so heavy you switch to fear.

Once at the top catch your breath and start down.

While descending hold the form perfectly.

Concentrate on increasing the intensity. Listen to the muscles. They will tell you the exact form you need to fire all the muscles.

Don’t focus on the weight. Focus on hearing which muscles are working.

Once at the bottom, hang up the weight and rest a second before doing the next rep.

You must select a weight that’s right on the edge of going over to fear. You’ll know the difference.

Fear makes you start pushing rather than urging. Once you leave urging the muscle and switch to pushing the weight, you’ve lost your harmony. Then you’re making the muscles do it all by themselves. When you’re done you may have a pump but you don’t know your body any better.

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