Vince Gironda Unleashing The Wild Physique


The one and only Vince Gironda – the “Iron Guru” – world-renowned trainer of the greatest physique stars for over 50 years – presents the most revolutionary and innovative diets and muscle exercise techniques ever published.

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  • The one and only Vince Gironda – the “Iron Guru” – world-renowned trainer of the greatest physique stars for over 50 years – presents the most revolutionary and innovative diets and muscle exercise techniques ever published.

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    1. Yashraam

      Its an very awesome book of information. Evry person who starts body building need to buy this one for sure. Its consists of all the original facts which are very hard to find these days. Train with it n keep going,Hit Hard.. All the best Guys,..!!

    2. Jeffrey Carter

      The greatest most important book on developing a great physique. Most of my exercises that I have been doing for the past three years are from this book. Buy it!

    3. admin

      Bought this when it first came out and have found it to be invaluable. So many insights from the great man himself. A must read and as relevant now as it was back then.

    4. admin

      A great book and a pretty straightforward exercise plan from beginner to advanced.
      Lots of great exercises to use.
      No hype no selling just great advice.
      I am using this book like an operators manual.

    5. admin

      I think this is a great book for bodybuilding enthusiasts who have never heard of Vince Gironda and his methods.

      I will say that the book does show other aspects of Vince’s dietary philosophy. Most people are familiar with his dietary recommendations (high fat, low carb), but I was surprised to find other diet plans (such as fasting and vegetarian) in this book.

      The greatest strength of this book are the exercises shown for each body part. Vince knew the art of the physique, and he provides a variety of unconventional exercises designed for muscle symmetry and balance.

      Overall, an excellent book for the bodybuilder looking to refine his physique.

    6. admin

      This book was as expected although a little expensive at the price ($30.00?). I, like one or two other reviewers, was puzzled by the number of pictures of quite obviously steroidal athletes, considering how anti-drug Vince was in his views. That said, he tells it to you straight, and years before anyone subscribed to higher fat, and high protein diets, Vince was out there advocating the consumption of whole eggs, cream and other saturated fats to gain lean muscle mass. He also leaves nothing to chance on the range and number of exercises listed, most of which I wouldn’t use, but that’s just a personal preference. Vince had interesting views and was years ahead of his time.

    7. admin

      The section on ectomorph training is where the book really shines. This chapter shows that Vince Gironda truly knew what he was talking about. Excellent info. Read this! He makes an important point to take the endocrinal system into account when planning workouts (never to failure, variety in both nutrition and exercise). There is so much misinformation out there regarding ectomorph training, which does not make any sense. But Vince really knew his stuff.

    8. admin

      Excellent guide for those pursuing bodybuilding. Upside is diets and how to get shape fast. Provides one course for beginners, one for Olympia level with nothing in between, so for this reason I give four stars. Gironda’s methods are legendary and the pictures speak for themselves. You may have to get some of his courses to get the most out of this book.

    9. admin

      For anyone who is familiar with Vince Gironda, this book is a must have. If you are a body builder and you have not looked into Vince Gironda you are missing out on a lot of valuable insight into creating muscle. This book not only gives exercises the Gironda way, it shows body building the way it should be done, you against the iron. Gironda trained many of the best including Schwarzenegger. If you think you are tough, try out Gironda’s 8×8 routine, what he called the honest routine.

    10. admin

      Great photos and stories of legends in the sport. Insight into the Gironda methods and programs. This guy was a genius and way ahead of his time. Unfortunately the sport has been taken over by a bunch of chemically induced freaks. If you are looking for different and long forgotten secrets to bodybuilding success, this is a great read.

    11. admin

      Want muscles? Willing to work for it? Get this book.

      Then adjust your diet and start lifting….

      It sound easy but it is in fact an exploration. No body is the same. Because Vince Gironda’s spirit already left his own perfectly proportionally sculpted body a book is what is left to guide you.

      But mind you, no empty words will do, muscle growth equals action. Read and practice. Nothing else will do. That was Gironda’s genius the way I see it, he knew what was needed and what had to be done. Gironda suggested ‘the how’ of the process. This is a great help on your way to a perfect body.

      A perfect body in my opinion is about health, proportions and function. Vince Gironda knew it and he lived that. I’d say, be inspired until you expire. Good luck on your own journey. It’s a body building jungle out there This book is a valid map of the tricky body territory. I am glad I’ve got hold of it.

    12. admin

      The ultimate book on training and nutrition for physique development

      Just what my headline says…

      There are still a few of us who train specifically for balanced and proportionate aesthetics, rather than getting caught up in the contemporary fads of “functional training” or putting on ungainly mass with powerlifting moves that severely jar your joints and tendons.

      Over the decades, Vince Gironda trained many physique champions, as well as Hollywood celebrities such as Clint Eastwood. “Unleashing the Wild Physique” is a slightly revised and improved version of Vince’s magnum opus “The Wild Physique.” This volume is without peer when it comes to naturally building the physique along classical lines, using exercises that pinpoint specific muscles. It makes practical application of Vince’s superb knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology. And the nutritional routines were decades ahead of their time, ignoring the popular notions of low-fat dieting that were prevalent for so many years.

    13. admin

      I’m not sure if this is the best BB book ever, but I would rank it very highly, partly because it contains information you may not find any other place. BTW, I waited to write this review until I had read the entire book.

      Gironda makes it clear that his ideas were criticized in his day. Bodybuilders were laughed at when he first started, but he didn’t let that stop him. His low carb, high protein diets must have seemed really weird back then. However, not so much in the post-Atkins world.

      Then again, his recommendation to consume raw eggs and raw meat sounds like an invitation to food poisoning. Also, I am concerned that if I followed his advice to use dessicated liver tablets, I might be consuming too much iron and increasing my risk of heart disease. In fact, he recommends using a ton of supplements, and I’m not sure that this is necessary or that I could afford it.

      Although he gives several different diet plans, they are actually for people who are already in good shape. He says he has no patience for fat. To lose fat, he says “eat less”. He expected people coming to his gym to already be in good condition before they came asking for his advice. Of course, if you are out of shape, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from this book. Just don’t expect it to give you a lot of guidance on weight loss.

      Also, don’t expect it to be a book about getting huge. Gironda’s idea of bodybuilding was not about that. He was really into the V shape.

      He discourages heavy back squats, because he says it can make the glutes and waist too big, thereby detracting from the V shape. He also mentions that a guy with a short neck should not work the traps specifically. He even mentions that some bodybuilders look fat when they have their clothes on, because they have gotten big in the wrong places.

      One interesting idea I picked up from this book is the use of hyperventilation. The idea is to take several deep breaths before beginning an exercise to get oxygen circulating so the muscles don’t give out too soon. I found this very useful when doing high rep sets. I was able to get through the set more easily.

      I think it is definitely worth following his advice on back development, given that he had one of the widest backs of his day.

      Finally, he includes a chapter for bodybuilders over 40, which I particularly appreciated since I just turned 40.

      I’m not sure what Kennedy’s contribution was to this book. Probably some editing and choice of pictures. It was originally published under a slightly different title with only Gironda’s name on it.

      In Kennedy’s book, Beef It!, he promotes the use of heavy, high rep squats, especially for those with a slow metabolism. Also, he argues against the idea that bodybuilders need a lot more protein than the average person. Instead, he recommends a high carb diet low in sugar, salt, and processed foods. He does not seem to think that a lot of supplements are necessary except maybe just before a contest.

      Anyway, I don’t know why Kennedy would want his name to be used on a book which clearly disagrees with his own ideas, so I suppose it had to be more of a business deal rather than a true collaboration. Of course, Kennedy is a self-described hardgainer, so I don’t think he ever had the kind of personal bodybuilding success that Gironda did. He is, however, a very successful publisher and author.

      I’m generally not all that impressed by pictures. There are books out there with great pictures and little information. However, for such a slim book, the author has included a wealth of information. And since the book is not so huge, there is no excuse not to read it all.

      This is definitely a classic, and I’m surprised that it went out of print. I think it is one of the few bodybuilding books written about this time which has appreciated in value. I think that it will continue to do so as it becomes more rare, so get your copy sooner than later.

    14. admin

      Mr. Gironda had some ideas that were ahead of his time and a few places where i think he may have been incorrect. Here’s the part you should study…

      1. Go for symmetry instead of bulk. Unless you’re into a professional sport or occupation that requires great strength (example…have friend who’s the first ATF agent through the door when making bust on crack house…he needs to be capable of brutality)..unless you need to be huge…extra weight can require more time in sleep and eating and slow you down. You can look plain fat in your clothes and most women are more attracted to the lean tarzan sort of look.

      Don’t believe me? Get a copy of Men’s health and a copy of muscle and fitness…now ask the women you know which group of men (out of which magazine) would they want to choose their next vacation partner.

      So if huge muscles make you more sleepy, less likely to get laid, less healthy, and require more time to maintain…I’d say a more lean tarzan look just works better all around.

      Vince teaches this strategy (tarzan over hulk) and gives practical suggestions for pulling it off.

      A let down was the fact that most of the photos in his book show people hulked out on steroids (not consistent with his philosophy). But if you look at photos of the author himself…he lived what he preached. In the photos in his clothes, he looks lean and not huge. With his clothes off he looks strong but not too bulky and the symmetry and vascualrity give him the “wild [and healthy] physique” of a Tarzan.

      2. A few more extras…he gives a leaning up diet that is basically Atkins made better with it’s suggestion of a high carb meal every 3 to 5 days to reload the muscles with glycogen and avoid weakness. When i do this diet, i make friday and monday carb days and stay with raw eggs (mix 6 in blender with scoop of whey and a tablespoon of diet jello and handful of ice), sushi or steak for supper, occasional atkins bar, and a teaspoon of metamucil per day (to avoid the constipation of all meat/egg diet).

      I can’t officially recommend the raw eggs (ask your own doctor…and don’t have your lawyer even think of calling me if you get a stomach ache), but the way i do it is buy fresh eggs and just keep them cold until i’m ready to eat them. I’ve been eating raw eggs almost daily for about 30 years and never got sick from them (and keep a total cholesterol around 160…but i eat very very few sweets, don’t drink any alcohol at all, and i exercise once almost every day and most days two times a day).

      Then on carb loading days i have a salad, fruit, and even some pizza or something crazy to reload.

      Anyway, sorry, don’t won’t to write a book just telling you a way to apply his all egg and meat diet (which he wrote way before atkins wrote his book).

      3. The other ideas about training after 40 are excellent (i’ll soon be 47 so i’m relating more to these chapters).

      ***What to ignore…he’s not a fan of aerobic exercise. DEAD WRONG. Weights will not substitute the health benefits of walking. Do both..or do you not think you’re worth it?

      Buy this book, throw away the sugary poison that’s in your pantry…the stuff that you wouldn’t feed to your dog, and go workout. Vince is right…it’s 85% diet but the diet becomes easier if you’re doing the workouts…it takes both.

      Peace & health to you.

    15. admin

      I’ve been an athlete (now Coach and Trainer) for 20 years. At one point, my 2 main passions were Martial Arts and Natural Body Building. With that said, I’ve read my share of books on the subject of Bodybuilding and Vince Gironda’s book the “Wild Physique” is one of the best (if not the best) books I’ve read on the subject. He was indeed a Master Trainer and way ahead of his time. The concepts in this book can still be applied today, not only to Body Building but Sports and Fitness in general. He is to Body Building what Bruce Lee is to Martial Arts … Legend has it that Bruce Lee studied Vince’s training principles. Vince Gironda was a visionary and one of a kind. If you what to learn from a Master, get this book.

    16. admin

      I purchased this book many years ago and am looking to buy another one. I loaned it out and never got it back. Vince was a real pioneer when it came to natural bodybuilding. Unlike the “health food hucksters” of his era, Vince was one of the first to push the high, high, high protein intake for growth. He was also a proponent of the more asthetic sweeping physique. He hated powerlifting and squatting. If you didn’t adhere to his strict style of form, you might find yourself barred from working out in his gym. I loved his attitude and my favorite part of the whole book was the fasting routine. I used it several times and I have never in my life felt as good as I did following that routine. Thanks!

    17. admin

      The best book on physique training ever…

      Vince Gironda was a pioneer in the world of bodybuilding, his methods were many years ahead of his time. The exercises, routines, nutrition, and philosophy contained in this book are some of the best in the world of physique training and bodybuilding. I recommend this book to any serious fitness enthusiast with an open mind. This book is simply a gold mine of information!

    18. admin

      This book goes beyond bodybuilding as a sport or hobby. It makes you realise that bodybuilding is a way of life that can be enjoyable and rewarding. The knowledge contained within its various chapters has taken years of hard work to accumulate, making it an excellent source of expert information. This is a true body builders bible.

    19. admin

      i had this book back in the 80s , i lended it out to someone and never got it back .hope the dude used the tips in it .
      Vince would have been the best personal trainer.

    20. admin

      A Library of workout ideas with great pictures to motivate.

      This book is great for you if you are the sort of person who is motivated by seeing what your body might achieve in the gym. Full of beautiful pics of perfect bodies from Vince’s Hollywood Gym,and a thorough examination of multiple different exercises for each body area. Also good tips on aspects of weight training and nutrition ideas.

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