Vince Gironda The Sculptor of Classic Physiques DVD


Want to train with Vince Gironda as your personal coach? Now you can with this DVD!

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  • Want to train with Vince Gironda as your personal coach? Now you can with this DVD!

    See Vince Gironda demonstrate exercises from his famous book, Unleashing The Wild Physique.

    Feel like you are in his gym, as you see Vince perform his exercises in detail.

    Let’s build your Wild Physique.

    Includes Vince’s Workout Cards free with every order.

    – Robert Torres – A True Vince Gironda Student

    Vince Gironda The Sculptor of Classic Physiques DVD

    1. TheManFromTaco

      Was the special apparatus to adjust the height of the dip bars? If so, lots of gyms today have something similar, in the form of dip bars that can be affixed to a power rack at whatever height suits you best.

    2. Anonymous

      Watching THE Master trainer taking Robert through the movements brings back a flood of memories from my visits there over 20 years ago!

      The quality and sound is terrific and the insight that the viewer gets from Vince on the details of each exercise is PRICELESS!

      Thank you again for sharing this treasure with the world Robert!

    3. Anonymous

      This is a must have for anyone that practices Vince’s methods.

      I’ve watched and studied this video a few times. There are tons of gems on exercise technique. I’ve been practicing many of the exercises in the video and these subtle little shifts Vince teaches make a huge difference in feeling the aspect of the muscle you intend on stressing.

      This is as close as you’ll get to going back in a time machine and observing the Master teaching his methods.
      This is pure physical culture at its best. This video has left me hungrier to learn more. When is that video with Vince and Kay Baxter going to surface?

      Great job Robert! This video will keep Vince’s legacy alive!

    4. Anonymous

      Congratulations Robert Torres on your fabulous DVD.

      The clips share information and exercises for both men and women.

      He truly was ahead of his time in nutrition and the development of the natural physique.

      We are also given a glimpse into the special relationship you shared, and this is a very wonderful way to pay tribute to your teacher, trainer and friend.

      You yourself are living proof that all his knowledge and training methods work and his no nonsense approach that you both share.

    5. Anonymous

      I just finished watching Robert’s DVD on Vice’s workouts and I must say it worth every penny and then some. It gives you a great insight on how to properly perform Vince’s exercises. Thank you so much Robert, truly amazing DVD.

    6. Anonymous

      By Dennis B. Weis

      A few weeks ago I opened an eMail, from Steve Speyrer, a friend of mine. Within his eMail he mentioned a YouTube link to some 1986 lost 16 mm film footage of ‘The Original Iron Guru’ Vince Gironda training one of his students for an upcoming bodybuilding contest

      Having served many years (1991-1995) as ‘the PEN’ for Vince Gironda’s monthly Wild Physique Q & A columns in MuscleMag International, I had been aware of such previous film footage, Oddly though I had never had the opportunity to view it.

      Heck, even before I logged onto the YouTube lost film footage of Vince I was getting pumped just thinking about seeing this Trainer of the Stars (movie stars and physique contestants) for over 50 years in living, moving, speaking color.

      I logged onto YouTube and begin watching the 5:15 minute trailer of the film. It was very interesting watching and listening to Vince, the face of old school bodybuilding, as he –personally and frankly– shared his inner training secrets with one of his students Robert Torres, an in near contest shape bodybuilder. I was definitely hooked on this brief footage.

      I am always ready to take a trip (free-fall) back into some of the finest days of iron game history so I placed an order for the complete DVD Vince Gironda THE SCULPTOR OF CLASSIC PHYSIQUES.
      The DVD arrived a few days later and I had a real sense of anticipation as I put into the player.

      Lights, Camera, Action!!!

      Lights out, curtains drawn, grab the remote, volume up. The DVD Vince Gironda THE SCULPTOR OF CLASSIC PHYSIQUES begins:

      I have viewed dozens upon dozens of iron game related DVDs and VHS video’s over the years. I immediately observed how well preserved the film quality and sound was for being nearly 30 years old. As a result there were no sweaty palms of anticipation turning into clinched fists.

      In many scene selections of the DVD Vince bombastically screams (booms) training instruction to Robert Torres. This is typical Vince Gironda to many, but what is less know and revealed in other scene selections is the humorous and sensitive side of Vince Gironda persona.

      Overall the DVD keeps up a fast pace throughout, with vintage Vince concentrating on offering plenty of informative tips on exercise technique and nutrition.

      One of the cool things about Robert Torres being in near contest condition is that one can readily observe the muscles response to the effect of select exercises.

      There is even a cameo appearance of the late Kay Baxter, a contest entering and winning pioneer female bodybuilder (1979-1986).

      Obviously there is no need for a valium when watching this remarkable Re-Mastered DVD.

      In my personal opinion this raw, uncut, no-frills “tell-all” “forgotten footage” video-DVD presentation is a terrific souvenir in the remembrance of the Vince Gironda Muscle Legend legacy and how bodybuilding was back in the day.

      The money’s worth vintage information shared in this DVD will at the very least inspire home viewers (bodybuilders) to new levels of commitment to the way they train in the future.

    7. Anonymous

      After watching the DVD, I thought I am really not going to do these excercises, then i realized “Trust in Vince”, every other exercise he recommended changed the way I train.

      Then I became excited realizing there are a lot of exercises that are new to me.

      Highly recommended!

    8. Anonymous

      Just received my DVD from Robert Torres and am grateful and well satisfied. It’s the closest we can get to training with Vince.

      The footage made me notice, how different Vince was from the rest. The man was truly unique … in his thinking and concept.

      His exercise approach was more like a “dance with moderate weight resistance”, feeling each targeted muscle flex and stretch in isolation.

      Never building an area indirectly. All purposeful isolation. Each rep was a rythum.

      His nutrition was the same … way ahead of its time, with specific purpose and never a side effect benefit, other than health and beauty of the physique.

      I see now more than ever, why he was and will continue to be so misunderstood by many and only accepted by some. His style and thought process was on another level.

    9. Anonymous

      Here is a short review of the Robert Torres produced Vince Gironda – Sculptor of Classic Physiques. (42 min)

      I really enjoyed Robert’s clips of his training videos on Youtube so when he decided to release the videotape to DVD I got pretty excited.

      The first thing that stands out is how much more clear the quality is by comparison. As dark as Vince’s Gym was the clarity is good enough to allow you to see exactly what is being taught. And as a result I quickly noticed that many of my favorite exercises that I have been doing for a few years I’ve been doing wrong!

      That is probably the most important thing about this. You are learning from THE source. Not a fan or student of Vince but Vince himself demonstrates HIS exercises.

      For true followers of Vince’s methods this is the jackpot.

      Also for many of you who did train at Vince’s Gym this will bring back many memories. And for the rest of us this is as good as it’s gonna get!

      Here are the exercises shown on the video in order:

      -Lying barbell extension
      -Rope pull
      -Dumbbell Mule kick
      -Incline alternate dumbbell curl
      -Hammer curl (thumbs up curl)
      -Dumbbell flyes (with forward scoop)
      -Racing dive with lat pull
      -Overhead leaning pulldown
      -Long floor pull
      -Dumbell side swing (zorros)
      -Side laterals
      -Barbell front squat
      -Nutrition and supplement advice (liver tabs)

      A highly recommended investment for those of you who love and appreciate Vince Gironda. And a big thanks to Robert Torres for sharing his treasure with us.

    10. Anonymous

      Congrats to Robert Torres.

      This is vintage Gironda as Vince demos numerous exercises as only he can do.

      Remastering is excellent as DVD is superb.

      A must watch indeed.

    11. Anonymous

      I just got the Vince Gironda DVD that Robert Torres had made and while I have a fairly large collection of training DVDs from Oliva, Fox, Yates, Coleman, etc. also instructional ones from HFL Optimum Training and also the two Ron Kosloff made but this one is the real deal. I have been a follower of Vince’s methods since about 1981 so this DVD is on another level to anything else I have ever seen.

    12. Anonymous

      The Vince Gironda DVD is a must for any bodybuilder who has trained at Vince’s or is currently using his unique training wisdom and diet.

      I was lucky in the 80’s to train at Vince’s Gym and this gem from Robert Torres is a dream come true to see Mr Gironda in his famous gym sharing years of his knowledge.

      It makes you feel as if Vince is training you, as he teaches Robert the only way he knew how, from the heart.

      I knew Vince and for him to take time out with you was only if he felt you were serious about training and Robert clearly earned that and was not only a student but a close friend of the Iron Guru.

      This DVD is now part of my bodybuilding library and I suggest and bodybuilder who seeks muscle gains to order this treasure from Robert Torres, who I am proud to call a friend.

      I know Vince would be so proud of this great training tool that carries on the Gironda legend.

      A great work and my hat off to you Robert! If you don’t have a copy please contact Robert and get one!

      I will watch this over and over and you will too.

    13. Anonymous

      Finally I got to watch the Robert Torres DVD training at Vinces Gym.

      The Quality is great considering it was made a long time ago.

      It gives you great insight into Vinces teachings and also what a “Dry sense of humor he had”.

      Some great exercises, including the chest forward scoop exercise.

      Also Vince’s variation of a Hack Squat with bar on thighs.

      Well done Robert for giving Vince’s fans the chance to see why he was the “Trainer of Champions”.

    14. Anonymous

      Thanks everyone for the great comments. Well appreciated and welcomed. Producing this DVD was a labor of love considering the time, funds, and work required to re-Master it. It wasn’t inexpensive, but I took on the mission for those followers and students of Mr. Gironda.

    15. Anonymous

      I’ve just received my copy of the Vince Gironda sculptor of Classic Physiques DVD from Robert Torres.

      This is an in depth, very detailed routine of exercises by Vince in his unique style.

      Each exercise is not only shown in depth but Vince also explains the function of the exercise and the various muscles it deals with.

      The way this DVD is shot also gives the viewer the feeling of being there and watching the exercise.

      You’re given a very clear view of arm positioning and the correct way the body should be when approaching each exercise.

      If you own Vince’s book “Unleashing The Wild Physique” this DVD is an excellent and invaluable companion study source to the book, that brings the exercises to life from the page or if you’re simply interested in one of the pioneers of body building, this comes very, very highly recommended.

      Again I would like to thank Robert for making this available.

    16. Anonymous

      I have just received the DVD from Robert.

      Wow! I have already watched it several times already and am transfixed by Vince.

      The DVD brings Vince’s books to life. It is amazing to watch Vince perform the exercises himself as well as instructing Robert.

      Each time I watch the DVD I learn something new.

      It is truly awesome. Well done Robert. The DVD is well worth every cent.

    17. Anonymous

      Purchased the DVD by Robert Torres as my Christmas present. Couple of comments: Quick service, good quality video and audio considering it was converted from VHS taken 20+ years ago.

      I highly recommend it.

      It was VERY interesting to see the exercises demonstrated.

      They show, describe and demonstrate the finer points of the exercises that you cannot get from the book.

      Something that is never spoken of in the book is the body movement used to start/finish the exercises. Many trainers would consider these movements as “cheat” type movements today.

      The other thing that jumps out at me was the way he used rhythm with the alternating dumbells and addition to the leaning / swinging of the body based on which side was near contraction while focusing on this side.

      I was VERY happy to see the sissy squat with burlesque bump demo’ed.

      The video also shows 2 exercise that I do not remember being in the book. One was the behind the back lateral raise and the other was the squat with the wide grip and the bar resting at the crease of the thigh/hip.

      I am glad that Robert took the time to create this. If you ever wondered what it was like to be trained by Vince, this is as close as you can get now.

    18. Anonymous

      Just received the Vince DVD.

      Fantastic brings Vince back to life.

      What can’t you say about the man; he stands alone in the bodybuilding world.

      So many little tricks you just don’t get reading articles.

      Vince truly is The Iron Guru. Love it!

    19. Anonymous

      Christmas present is just arrived:

      From the best trainer of the world! For all fans who want to see Vince’s exercises performed correctly and get some nutrition advice in his famous “Vince’s GYM” where he trained the stars for the Hollywood studios, the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott, Arnold and many others…

      Very very interesting, I think there’s IRON GURU humor in the room, too.

      Thank you Robert Torres for being santa this year.

    20. Anonymous

      Got it on friday.

      Great DVD!!! The only video with Vince shown many exercises correctly done from his famous book “THE WILD PHYSIQUE”.

      Have to repeat what Rob Barker wrote: “So many little tricks you just don’t get reading articles.”

      Vince is a true scientist in finding the right exercises to build the muscle.

      He’s my Iron Guru too!

      Love this DVD…

    21. Anonymous

      received Robert’s DVD today. What an extraordinary treat. I spent so much time in that gym and with Vince and the DVD is like a time machine, taking me back. For those of you who never met Vince and never went to his gym, this is a nice taste of what it was like. I wish it was three times longer. I wish that others had been able to put more on film. I wish I had footage of the various shenanigans that I witnessed first-hand. But…none of that exists. We are all very fortunate that Robert’s footage DOES exist. To see the Iron Guru demonstrate so many exercises himself, straight from the horse’s mouth as they say…fantastic. That man and that gym and that time in bodybuilding…it was all special and unique. I wish I could walk into that cave right now and get a workout and listen to Vince expounding or giving somebody hell or cracking everybody up. Thank the bodybuilding gods that Vince allowed Robert to film this. I highly recommend it.

    22. TheManFromTaco

      I recently obtained this DVD from Mr. Torres as well. While the price may be higher than expected for a video of this length, I think it is well worth it to see Mr. Gironda personally demonstrate his exercises and explain them. I think I’ll watch it again this evening.

      I do have a question, though. There is footage out there of Vince training with Kay Baxter. Has anybody ever released this to the public on a home video format??

    23. Carl

      I have been following the training of Vince Gironda for quite some time now and this DVD is a key aspect of learning the finer details of his key exercises. Just from watching this video I have already learnt quite a few areas that I need to work on . Definitely worth the purchase!

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