The Vince Gironda Collection


All of Vince’s courses in one unique collection!

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    Designed to accelerate muscle gain if you have slowed down or are in a rut. Great for those with limited training time.

    6 Week Abdominal Course

    Abdominal training improperly done can cause loss of muscle tissue and hold back all gains. Everyone needs this book!

    6 Week Bulk Course

    Designed to produce quick size by working four aspects of each muscle.

    A Muscle Has Four Sides

    How to build more muscle in the shortest time possible. When Vince Gironda speaks the stars listen.

    Balanced Arms

    The secret of well shaped, fully developed huge arms can be yours.

    Blueprint For The Bodybuilder

    A complete nutrition course for the bodybuilder – everything you need to know to become a champion.

    How I Train The Movie Stars

    Vince Gironda details the kind of training and nutritional program he used to achieve results within ten days.

    Secrets of Definition

    The routines and workouts used by Vince Gironda who was considered to be the most defined bodybuilder of his era.

    The Sissy Squat

    Three sets of maximum effort! Learn growth secrets never before publicized with this complete shaping and mass routine.

    The Vince Gironda File I

    Bound collector’s item of all the training and diet secrets Vince Gironda has learned in his 35 years as a top physique star and trainer. Most complete book on bodybuilding techniques ever written.

    The Vince Gironda File II

    A 64 page book explaining Vince Gironda’s concepts of exercise and nutrition.

    The Vince Gironda Seminar

    Vince Gironda outlines his philosophy which included an in depth study into diet, training and nutrition which absolutely had the audience mesmerised during the whole period.

    Vince Gironda’s First Workout Bulletin

    Vince reveals the fantastic workout techniques that helped produce the West Coast Stars.

    Vince’s Corner

    Personally selected, up-to-date information on all phases of muscle building, diet, posing and over 40 revealing photos.

    Why Do Champion’s Muscles Look Different?

    Vince Gironda’s Why Do Champion’s Muscles Look Different? course.

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