The Big Chest Book


The definitive guide to building a big muscular chest.

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  • Bob Hoffman had an ordinary beginning physically, he proved his interest in and knowledge of athletics in winning well over 500 athletic trophies, he has proved his knowledge of body building by reaching the top of the physical training world, he’s the world’s leading physical director, the author of a dozen popular books, editor of “Strength and Health” magazine, the world’s leading physical training magazine.

    When you follow one of his courses you can be sure that you follow the best instruction which can be had. Bob is your instructor, your counsellor. With your effort, using York barbells and following his instruction, he guarantees your success.

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    1. Anonymous

      Bent barbell rows always eventually caused me low back problems. I was able to over come this with one arm strict dumbbell rows.

      I would place the dumbbell close to the flat bench, On the opposite of my body (the one I was not working) I had my hand braced on the bench and my knee bent and on the bench. On the side where the dumbbell was going to be pulled I kept that leg bent making it all back. I guess some people would call this a tripod stance.

      To speed things up as Vince mentioned one arm exercises do take twice the time I had on the other side of the bench the same weight dumbbell waiting. As soon as I was through with one side I just stepped over the bench to the other side and began. I would then go back and forth until I had done the required number of sets I wished to perform.

      This not only sped the performance of the exercise up but the intensity factor was very high. In addition, the bent knee on the side of the dumbbell kept all strain off the lower back. .

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