Simplified System of Dumbell Training


The definitive guide to progressive dumbell training.

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  • Bob Hoffman had an ordinary beginning physically, he proved his interest in and knowledge of athletics in winning well over 500 athletic trophies, he has proved his knowledge of body building by reaching the top of the physical training world, he’s the world’s leading physical director, the author of a dozen popular books, editor of “Strength and Health” magazine, the world’s leading physical training magazine.

    When you follow one of his courses you can be sure that you follow the best instruction which can be had. Bob is your instructor, your counsellor. With your effort, using York barbells and following his instruction, he guarantees your success.

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    1. Anonymous

      I do not have real narrow shoulders and never had. I was on Olympic style lifter in the late 1960s and 1970s and back the Olympic Press was part of competition so one practiced all form of standing and supine (angled pressing) so the delts received good work.

      Jumping forward, I am now almost 64 and before a recent injury from a fall which I am healing and cannot do many exercises I used the 15 inch width leaning forward Gironda style upright rows and received great results.

      In addition, the biceps are worked from a different angle and showed growth.

      I have never used “roids” of any sort and at my age at 6-3/270 my arms are 19.4 COLD and my friends say my delts look like large grapefruits which is very encouraging.

      To me the secret is using the proper exercises using as much weight as one can PROPERLY handle and diet.

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