Rick Wayne Arms And Shoulders Above The Rest


One of the most definitive arms, shoulders and training books available. 120+ pages of bodybuilding gold.

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  • In 1970, when Rick Wayne quit bodybuilding to return to his native St. Lucia, party politics and journalism, he was at his peak.

    Rick had just dropped a most controversial decision to Dave Draper – having taken the best arms, best back, best poser and best abdominals trophies in that year’s Mr. World event.

    Among those Rick had to beat for the sub-division awards were Franco Columbu and Roy Callender!

    Well, as I say, Rick went and we missed him. We missed him for nearly six years. But now he is back!

    Until now Rick Wayne (for reasons of his own) has stayed clear of the training course circuit. He has refused to turn out a training manual, even though bodybuilding fans had been requesting just that for years – even before he took his trip to the Caribbean.

    Well, here it is. The most exciting bodybuilding news to come your way in a long time. Rick Wayne has taken time out to write what I consider one of the most definitive arms and shoulders course on the market today.

    It is not a pamphlet. It is certainly not a twenty or thirty page, hurriedly put together affair.

    Arms & Shoulders is a full-fledged book. And it is packed with bodybuilding information, quite apart from Rick’s thoughts on training the arms and shoulders.

    Here you will find that most of the problems connected with bodybuilding are answered in detail. Rick tells you clearly how he built his own arms from fourteen inches to twenty-one inches – at a bodyweight of 195 pounds!

    It goes without saying that most of the champions who managed to achieve similar arm measurements first had to increase their bodyweight to well over 220 pounds. The picture accompanying this piece indicate clearly that Rick Wayne’s arms were most muscular at 21 inches!

    It goes without saying that when Rick writes you get the information exactly as it is. No fooling around with words. He tells it straight from the shoulder, so to speak.

    Chapters included in Arms & Shoulders Above The Rest:

    – Can Anyone Build Massive Arms?

    – Steroids: What’s The Dope?

    – Why Say Weight When You Mean Size?

    – How To Peak The Biceps?

    – Triceps Development How Many Reps?

    – To Cheat or Not To Cheat?

    – How Heavy is Light?

    – What’s The Story on Sets and Reps?

    – How The Other Stars Train Their Arms and Shoulders?

    Along the way, Rick debunks many long accepted but useless bodybuilding theories.

    On top of it all the dynamic pictures illustrating Arms and Shoulders Above The Rest. Most were taken by Zeller when Rick was at his very best. Only a few were published before.

    What more can I say? The book is a must for your bodybuilding library.

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