Larry Scott How I Built My Cannon Ball Deltoids


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Do you want a pair of “gold plated” deltoids? Get the well-rounded shoulder development of a champion.

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  • The goal of most bodybuilders is to build shoulders of really massive proportions. They don’t care how, just as long as those shoulders stun the average person with their barn-door width.

    Unfortunately, this is just about all the average bodybuilder knows about the deltoids. We have a saying around Vince’s Gym, where I train…”Sure, he looks good from the front but is he a surfboard?”

    You’ve all seen surfboards, or pictures of them…they are wide and very, very flat.

    If you want the well-rounded shoulder development of a champion then I’ve endeavored to answer as many problems as I possibly can.

    Covering exercises, movements and the important little things essential to the success of your deltoid workouts.

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    1. Rated 5 out of 5


      45 degree lat pulley pulldown is a really effective exercise and I love it. 90° race dive row is another great exercise. 😉

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