InVINCEable: True Natural Bodybuilding Manual


The methods of Vince Gironda as taught to Daryl Conant.

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  • Daryl Conant’s NEWLY REVISED book InVINCEable.

    This is a complete book on the methods of my mentor Vince Gironda. With over 800 pages, InVINCEable? will teach you a great amount about True Natural Bodybuilding.

    InVINCEable? is a must have for anyone serious about creating an awesome looking physique.

    Here are some contents of this highly anticipated book.

    • Vince Gironda’s Pro Series Volume 1-6

    • Vince Gironda’s Master Series Volume 1-12

    • Vince’s 12 Week Definition Course

    • How Vince Trained Stars Program

    • A Muscle Has Four Sides

    • Vince’s 6 Week Bulk Course

    • Nutrition Plans

    • The Secrets Techniques for Building Muscle

    • Daryl’s Own Successful Workout Programs


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    1. Stefan

      I really believe this is a great product!

      I wish I could afford it…. but right now…. way too thin wallet :-/

    2. Administrator

      Daryl, in no uncertain terms pays the ultimate and utmost tribute to the “master.” His words emanate from the heart as you will soon discover, and will solidify and carry on the legend and legacy of Vince, which must be done! What a great publication. End of one story and the beginning of another. Ron Kosloff, N/C

    3. Anonymous

      Is this available in a hard copy?

    4. Anonymous

      This book is the most extensive material on Vince’s programs that I have found. I never did make it out to California during Vince’s life. I only could find bits and pieces of his programs online. The forums are good but a little vague. Daryl has compiled a complete manual of all of Vince’s programs and exercise, as well as his own knowledge. Thanks Daryl for putting this out.

    5. Pete Kell

      Great insight into the Gironda era and techniques adroitly brought up to date via Daryl Conant. Enjoying the routines too.

    6. Turpin

      THE most comprehensive book on Vince’s methods since `The wild physique` .
      Too many out there try to put their own slant on Vince`s methods and in doing so lose sight of Vince`s intent , Daryl stays true to the original blueprint.
      Well done Daryl .

    7. admin

      Great book and summary of Vince Gironda’s techniques, both training and dietary advice. I like the Vince Secret Locker books and own both volumes (more historical in nature), but I like this one better because it is like being trained by Vince as your personal trainer. I hope you also do a sequel to this one.

    8. Marty Hathaway

      This book has more information about Vince Gironda’s diet and exercise then I expected. This book has all the workouts, diets, and supplements put together to make it easy to succeed as a natural body builder. In the few months that I have been following the instructions, I have seen incredible gains. Vince really knew what he was doing when it comes to body building. I want to thank Daryl Conant for putting this putting this book together.


      Martin Hathaway

    9. John Sinns

      Very interesting and logical book which aids true natural body builders reach their goal. Very valuable content, from the function of each organ, digestion, and workouts performed by Vince Gironda. The only reason I would rate this 4 stars is because they clearly didn’t proof read this. Probably 25 spelling errors/ grammatical mistakes in the first 100 pages.

    10. jorge arturo mojica

      InVinceable – is the most complete collection of Vince’s training programs. One of the things that make this tome (800 pages) so valuable, is the author’s emphasis of placing body building within the context of a healthy lifestyle. The book also contains sections explaining the muscle-building process (protein synthesis) – which sheds light on the need for proper nutrition and adequate supplementation. Vince did not always fully explain his rationale – for a given training method, food item or supplement. This book will help you to better understand the reasoning behind Vince’s teachings. If you want to maximize your training results, in a balanced and healthy way – this is the book for you!

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